Obama Presidency Is In Meltdown!! NYT: The Obama Administration ‘Has Now Lost All Credibility’; The Huffington Post’s Brutal Front Page: ‘GEORGE W. OBAMA’

NEW YORK TIMES: The Obama Administration ‘Has Now Lost All Credibility’…(WOW!)

It came as something of a surprise, considering the board’s normally friendly view toward the administration.

But in the editorial, the Times’ board criticized the Obama administration in much of the same way it scrutinized the Bush administration. It wrote that the Obama administration’s justification for the program — the Patriot Act — is not good enough:

Mr. Obama clearly had no intention of revealing this eavesdropping, just as he would not have acknowledged the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen, had it not been reported in the press. Even then, it took him more than a year and a half to acknowledge the killing, and he is still keeping secret the protocol by which he makes such decisions.

We are not questioning the legality under the Patriot Act of the court order disclosed by The Guardian. But we strongly object to using that power in this manner. It is the very sort of thing against which Mr. Obama once railed, when he said in 2007 that the Bush administration’s surveillance policy “puts forward a false choice between the liberties we cherish and the security we provide.”
Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/new-york-times-obama-nsa-phone-scandal-editorial-nyt-2013-6#ixzz2VTnvLbFl

Many magazines publish intentionally controversial or inflammatory covers in order to generate sales or word-of-mouth advertising.

Indeed, when Newsweek was still in print, it had something of a monopoly on “shocking” magazine covers.

But with the release of its June issue, it looks like The Economist is getting in on the spark-controversy-with-an-incendiary-cover game.

The Huffington Post’s Brutal Front Page: ‘GEORGE W. OBAMA’

The stunning decline of Barack Obama: 2013. Ten key reasons why the Obama presidency is in meltdown

With good reason, Americans don’t feel optimistic about their country’s future with President Obama at the helm. According to the RealClear Politics polling average, less than one in three Americans believe the United States is heading in the right direction. A new Economist/YouGovpoll has the president’s job approval rating at just 46 percent, with 49 percent of Americans disapproving. Strikingly, 35 percent of Americans “strongly disapprove” of the president’s job performance, 15 points higher than the number who “strongly approve.” A mere 31 percent of Americans surveyed by YouGov believe the United States is “generally headed in the right direction.”

In addition to damaging scandals, which have raised major questions over the integrity and judgment of the Obama administration, there remain deep-seated concerns over the US economy and the enormous national debt, widespread opposition to the president’s health care reforms, and significant fears over national security. Barack Obama’s second term could not have started more badly for the “hope and change” president, who, with three and a half years in office remaining, looks more and more like a lame duck. Here are ten key reasons why the Obama presidency is in trouble, with the outlook exceedingly grim for the White House.

1. The American public is losing trust in Obama

A recent Quinnipiac survey found that less than half of Americans (49 percent) now view their president as “honest and trustworthy.” According to Quinnipiac, the series of recent scandals have begun to significantly dent the president’s standing with the American people, with his approval rating standing at just 45 percent. The IRS targeting of conservative groups has been particularly damaging, with 76 percent of voterssupporting the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate the scandal, and a series of Congressional hearings putting the Obama administration on the spot. Another survey, by NBC News/The Wall Street Journal, reveals a great deal of public concern over the “overall honesty and integrity of the Obama administration,” with more than half of Americans agreeing that recent scandals have “raised doubts” about the government’s trustworthiness. 41 percent of Americans believe that President Obama himself is “totally” or “mainly” responsible for the government’s handling of Benghazi – just 19 percent believe he bears no responsibility. On the IRS issue, only 24 percent say the president is not responsible in any way, while a third of Americans think he is largely culpable.

2. The Obama presidency is imperial in style and outlook

Leading conservative talk radio host Mark Levin was absolutely right when he blasted Barack Obama on Fox News back in January as “an imperial president.” It would be hard to find a US president in recent times who has behaved in a more arrogant fashion than President Obama, and that includes Richard Nixon. The Obama White House is routinely disdainful of criticism, sneeringly dismissive of Congressional opposition, nasty and brutish towards dissenting voices in the media, and completely lacking in humility. Even veteran reporters such as Bob Woodward, one of two journalists who broke the Watergate scandal, have found themselves on the sharp end of the White House’s boot after publishing unflattering stories. Woodward was warned earlier this year by a senior White House official that he would “regret” his remarks about the president’s handling of the sequester issue. At the same time the Obama presidency exudes a shameless “let them eat cake” mentality, abundantly on display with the president’s lavish vacations and golfing expeditions while millions of American families have struggled to pay their mortgage and stay afloat against the backdrop in recent years of the biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression.

Read more: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/nilegardiner/100220493/the-stunning-decline-of-barack-obama-2013-ten-key-reasons-why-the-obama-presidency-is-in-meltdown/


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  • Bwhhaaa hhaaa hhaaaa

    It seems the liberals are now figuring out that Obama is a tyrant, who is determined to push us all into the dark, Orwellian future, that the New World Order has planned for us. All I can say about the libs waking up, is better late than never and welcome to the cause of freedom.

    • Bobby

      The left is NOT waking up and will never wake up.

  • tagbot

    Most presidents have only served one term. The media helps to build them up and then, if they get reelected, the media tries to tear them down. It’s how the media calculates its own power. In essence, they attempt to run as an unelected alternate president. It’s as if they can’t abide by the electorate having reaffirmed and reasserted the electorates will.
    The first time Obama won by a whopping 250 point electoral margin.
    He got reelected by a 126 point electoral margin. Historically, that really big.
    It’s going to take a lot more than some media types projecting their desires, to tear down this one.

  • Fred

    Looks good so far, but I’ll believe it when the house impeaches the bastard for treason.

    • Chico

      Don’t be ridiculous. The House is part of the “club”.

  • Amercan111

    How’s the “most transparent” admin. in US history working out for ya? This president has essentially destroyed the USA, the Constitution, civil liberties, is in bed with Wall Street and big banks,and because he’s a “Democrat” people are still drinking the Kool Aid. Guess all those crazy conspiracy theorists ain’t so darned crazy after all.

  • Bad Lemm

    The voting was rigged, and Obama was installed just like Bush was… The Bilderberg Group has more power in the government of the USA than do the people. Whomever the Bilderbergers choose will be President.. “Dirty deeds, they’re done dirt cheap”, AC/DC.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Sky/506442648 Chris Sky

    If anybody thinks they can “vote” their way out of America’s mess… you’re dreaming. It’s quite simple. The International Bankers (which control the Federal Reserve and every other central bank in the world.) control your country. The bankers are the top donor for EVERY republican AND democratic candidate. The government is completely bought and paid for. Which is why every single new “policy” helps the bankers and rich (ruling class) at the expense of the citizens (peasants class)…. think I’m wrong?! just check out the growing WEALTH GAP between rich and poor. (higher in the USA than any other country in the world) and getting worse each year. GOVERNMENT is nothing but a TOOL for the international banking cartel to legalize/legitimize their fraud and robbery, while all the while protecting them self from prosecution! Arguing about a dem being better than a repub or vice versa is the political equivalent of a dog chasing it’s tail! and you wonder why the Elites laugh at you and have zero respect?! They play you for fools every day of your life, and especially every 4 years, when you vote for you FALSE CHOICE of “your version” of the “lesser of two evils” remember that The President… works for the Banks. Not for you. “voting” is there way of providing the veil of legitimacy and the false sense of “CHOICE” which keeps the people apathetic and doing absolutely nothing, while their prosperity and freedom continue to slip away.

    True Story.

    • C. Grow

      I would agree with this picture as far as the political scenario goes. However, America is still the place of great promise. How will we as individual human beings live our lives to create a positive future for the country and make a difference?

    • hank

      Wake up. The coup started with 911. The zionist takeover of America is in the final stages.

      • walter conell

        We are past the point of needing to wake up. It is too late, and the best thing to do now if you want to miss it is to go back to sleep and wait for the time to come to be chained and murdered. The time to fight is passed, it has come too far and we have no resources to make it reverse itself. No politician of any stature will be convicted and sentenced for crimes, since the ones to take on this task are a part of it. We are destroyed by the ones who are suppose to guaranty our rights to protect ourselves. They have sold us out for their luxuries, greed, power and money. Many of them still think they are doing the right thing, but are blind. Their false power has made them weak, their payments are what they worship in their empty lives. I pity the fools.

  • Anon

    “Obama” presidency is in meltdown?

    This has nothing to do with “Obama”. This would have happened if McCain were president.

    Who the POTUS is when the NSA does their dirty work is irrelevant. The NSA does not care who is president.

    Any of you morons who think “Oh this is President Obama’s doing” are just that: Idiots.

    The NSA has been around much longer than Obama has even been alive, and will be around long after he is gone.

  • stonehillady

    Not one thing will happen to Obama, the GOP hands are tied in Blackmail from the left about the TRUTH of 9/11, that is why Obama was never challenged about his credentials, Obama and Left can expose the neo-cons and what really went down on 9/11 and why.
    Someone has to expose both sides of this evil stuff our government did to us and we are going down if they don’t. We can not live like this with absolute falsehoods and lies, these people need to be brought to Justice but, even our Justices are involved in this cover-up of 9/11.

  • musimann

    They never had any credibility……….. neither did Georgy Porgy…….

  • Poopy Group

    This is a badly written soap opera that we are forced to watch, year after year after year.
    Predictable plots, predictable drama, predictable actors, predictable outcomes.
    America is too good a country to have these rich kids running her in circles.

    The plot – How to steal more taxpayer money without getting caught.
    The drama – Will the Public still have Freedom and their Rights? Will they lose their guns and be able to be safe? Will they have Healthcare they can’t afford? Blah, Blah, Blah….every year the same drama….
    The actors – they have perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect words, perfect kids, perfect wives, perfect lovers in the wings, perfect wealth, perfect connections to wealth….so perfect, it’s boring for the viewing audience!
    The outcome – we the Public, lose all the time because of underhanded politics, sweetheart deals, foreign entanglements and just plain bullshit.

    Until we have a military coup to clean the house up, expect more of the same boring soaps…..

  • http://jerrykimbro.daportfolio.com/ Jerry Alan Kimbro

    HA HA!