NYT Wednesday: Obama working to forge sweeping international ‘climate change’ agreement — but without Constitutional requirement for Senate ratification of traditional treaty... 


Obama about to Carbon Tax your asses…$5 per gallon gas coming.

Obama Pursuing Climate Accord in Lieu of Treaty

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is working to forge a sweeping international climate change agreement to compel nations to cut their planet-warming fossil fuel emissions, but without ratification from Congress.

In preparation for this agreement, to be signed at a United Nations summit meeting in 2015 in Paris, the negotiators are meeting with diplomats from other countries to broker a deal to commit some of the world’s largest economies to enact laws to reduce their carbon pollution. But under the Constitution, a president may enter into a legally binding treaty only if it is approved by a two-thirds majority of the Senate.

To sidestep that requirement, President Obama’s climate negotiators are devising what they call a “politically binding” deal that would “name and shame” countries into cutting their emissions. The deal is likely to face strong objections from Republicans on Capitol Hill and from poor countries around the world, but negotiators say it may be the only realistic path.

“If you want a deal that includes all the major emitters, including the U.S., you cannot realistically pursue a legally binding treaty at this time,” said Paul Bledsoe, a top climate change official in the Clinton administration who works closely with the Obama White House on international climate change policy.

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Obama will sidestep Congress by signing sweeping international climate change agreement

  • Obama and his negotiators plan to update a 1992 agreement in order to avoid a Congressional vote on a new treaty
  • The ‘politically binding’ deal would require the US and other nations to enact new domestic emissions laws
  • Republican lawmakers and small, poor nations have already come out against the move
  • Reports of the talks emerged just as a UN group released grave warnings about the imminent danger of global warming 


Barack Obama is pursuing a sweeping international climate change agreement that would compel the U.S. and other nations to cut emissions, all without getting the okay from Congress.

While the president may not enter into legally binding treaties without backing from two-thirds of the Senate, he and climate negotiators intend to sidestep the Constitutional rule by agreeing to what they call a ‘politically binding’ deal.

It’s a move that has already infuriated congressional Republicans in coal and gas producing states.

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