Obama takes Executive Action on Immigration


Obama to take executive action on immigration

Obama pursuing executive actions on immigration, after House effort stalls

Obama to use executive actions to advance immigration reform

Obama To Take Executive Action On Immigration Policy


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  • Grim Fandango

    Okay – it is past time for talk.

    It is 1 minute after midnight for the USA, and the Socialist/Communist takeover has proceeded so far, has sunk it’s deadly roots so deeply, these devils likely can’t be stopped.

    And if any of you out there watching this video think it’s no big deal, that life will go on in America as usual, you are an F’ing IDIOT!

    Thomas Jefferson told us it would come to this, and he was dead spot on. Get your asses off the couch, away from the propaganda/dumbing-down box and get out in the streets. Raise hell. Be heard! Refuse to take this sh*t lying down. if it takes a REVOLUTION – so be it!

    SO BE IT!!!

    • jhnjul

      Peaceful non-compliance, in mass.

      • Grim Fandango

        That’s what sheep do. But they get butchered anyway.

        Just what things are you peacefully going to non-comply with? And do you think they give a crap?

        They only understand one thing, and the longer they are allowed to get away with their deadly subversion, the less chance we have of overthrowing them.

  • Carroll Price

    Since congress is incapable of acting on the most vital issues facing the country, they have no one but themselves to blame for the president taking matters into his own hands.

  • Shari Peterson

    We will soon see the tipping point in America and hint, you fools who trust this government will not get the laugh. Nor will we accept your weeping apologies.

  • jhnjul

    Division and fear will only result in another bloody chapter in human existence that will leave the same forces in control as always. Some of these folks just play right into the globalist agenda.