Obama Tries to Influence French Elections, The Exact Accusation Hurled By Democrats Against Putin… But that’s ok, everyone he backs loses…

The example today of President Obama stepping in to influence the French election stands as a direct highlight upon the hypocrisy of left-wing progressives (Marxists).

Against a predictable strategy, French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron is promoting a phone call today from former President Obama (Audio Embed Below).

Under Obama’s leadership the U.S. State Department has a long history of working to influence elections in France.  Additionally, as we shared from research into the Ambassador Rivkin Project the left-wing U.S. globalists have considered France to be the fulcrum for their global intentions toward the larger EU.

Team Obama including Team Clinton have worked earnestly to carry leverage and influence over France and elected French politicians.  The travelers within Obama’s closest circles have always considered France ideologically aligned to their limo-liberal sensibilities.

Nationalist candidate Marine Le Pen represents an existential threat to decades of globalist influence peddling and the collective investments by various leftist embeds within the State Department.

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As he did with the Brexit referendum, President Obama is attempting to shore-up liberalism in the European continent.


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