Obamacare Catch 22? Bad Credit Equals NO Insurance & YOU PAY FINES!

They are running the game from both sides! This Obamacare thing has the our Government Shutdown!! Obama is saying now Everyone Had to have Insurance by the 1st ! They are looking at your credit , and obviously not going to accept you or make You PAY FOR IT! Then , if you dont HAVE Insurance you MUST PAY Fines !! It ALL Threats …Just like with your Taxes !! ITS A SCAM FOLKS !




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  • judenjager

    Blacks with bad credit will pay a fine? With what? Tax subsidies from White people?

    • colinjames71

      Not this broke ass white dude. But I’m sure there’s some Forbes 400 richest douchebags that could foot the bill.

      • judenjager

        Good luck getting a rich jew to pay it’s share.

        • colinjames71

          That’s why i said “could”, not “would”.

  • Fred

    You DON’T have to pay the fines….The IRS has very limited ability to collect. No criminal prosecution, now wage garnishment
    and no bank account seizure. They can demand all they want, you can ignore them…

    • ACE

      You’re right! (for now). That “law” can easily be altered by executive order,or other changes. It would be naive to think that this will remain the same for long. They’ve already changed parts of the bill illegally-such as extending the employer mandate a year.
      But the real problem arises when you check your credit, as it will go on your Experion, transunion, etc.

      • Fred

        Well I have no intention of inputting any information so thats not an issue.

      • Tatiana Covington

        “Laws” are man-made documents that say whatever their authors decide they’ll say. I don’t even believe in the Constitution.

        Rights rest on FORCE.

        “Millions or laws legislators have spoken,
        A handful the Creator sent.
        The former are being continually broken,
        The latter can’t even be bent.”

  • xteeth

    People with less than 133% of the poverty line were supposed to be added to the Medicare rolls. Republicants have interfered with this as much as they can so in many states they will not be covered any more than they are now (DUH). People above the poverty level (only way to tell is income tax forms) are paying or receiving whatever through tax credits. The money is not given to them in any case it is given to the Insurance corporation that is benefiting from all these new customers. That fine will appear on the tax forms that you evidently don’t think that they file. Keep in mind that you are now paying for all their health care at the emergency rooms where it is several times as expensive as it would be if they had health care. You may hate the idea of your black neighbors getting health care but it is estimated that it will cost all of us less. Right now we pay $2.7 trillion for health care in the U.S. $800 million of that is insurance corporations profits. Medicare has an overhead of about 4% instead of the 34% of private insurance. For the same amount of money we now pay, we could insure all of the 43 million that have no coverage. Instead we have this approximation plan made up by the Heritage Foundation for the purpose of defeating Hilarycare. It is a Cantservative plan and it sucks but after Democrats trying to get some health care since Truman, this is the best that the Republicants would allow.

  • Tatiana Covington

    And if they don’t?

  • Fed up

    Hell let them lazy shit bags pay with their food stamps

  • Fed up

    This site is Bull shit What the fuck happened to freedom of speech and expression… What Americans tell the truth and you delete their comments how fucked up can you be … Just l;like that shitbag Obama