Obamacare “Hidden 2.3%” Medical Excise Tax Began On January 1st For Sport Fishing Equipment

This was in my email this morning. Bet you did not know this!

Hooray for Cabela’s

Medical Excise Tax on Retail Receipts

This is an image of a sales receipt from Cabela’s, a popular sporting goods store.

The 2.3% Medical Excise Tax that began on January 1st is supposed to be “hidden” from the consumer, but it’s been brought to the public’s attention by hunting and fishing store Cabela’s who have refused to hide it and are showing it as a separate line item tax on their receipts.

I did some research and found directly from the IRS’s website information that PROVES this to be true and an accurate portrayal of something hidden in Obama care that I was not aware of! Now being skeptical of this I went to the IRS website and found this!

Q1. What is the medical device excise tax? A1. Section 4191 of the Internal Revenue Code imposes an excise tax on the sale of certain medical devices by the manufacturer or importer of the device.

Q2. When does the tax go into effect? A2. The tax applies to sales of taxable medical devices after Dec. 31, 2012.

Q3. How much is the tax? A3. The tax is 2.3 percent of the sale price of the taxable medical device. See Chapter 5 of IRS Publication 510, Excise Taxes, and Notice 2012-77 for additional information on the determination of sale price.

IRS.gov Chapter Five


So being more curious I clicked on “Chapter 5 of IRS Publication 510.”

And what do I find under “MEDICAL DEVICES” under


The following discussion of manufacturers taxes

applies to the tax on:

Sport fishing equipment;

Fishing rods and fishing poles;

Electric outboard motors;

Fishing tackle boxes;

Bows, quivers, broad heads, and points;

Arrow shafts;


Taxable tires;

Gas guzzler automobiles; and


IRS.gov I think we have definitely been fooled, if we believe that the Affordable Care Act is all about health care. It truly does appear to be nothing more than a bill laden with a whole lot of taxes that we the people
have yet to be aware of.

Please pass this on . I am still incredulous that this can go on .Where is our press ? I guess it’s just like Nancy Pelosi (the bitch) said…….We have to pass it to see what is in it. What is next? What else is there we do not know about? God help us .



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  • Bwhhaaa hhaaa hhaaaa

    I’d be very upset about all these items having a new tax on them, but since Obama helped me to become unemployed several months ago, I’m not going to be able to afford most of the items on this list anyhow.

  • usurykills

    Nancy Pelosi (the bitch). LOL.

    WTF does fishing (or bow hunting or driving a car) have to do with medical devices?

    • JOHN T. FOX

      it keeps you from needing them!

  • robotkilr

    FALSE!! Customers of Cabela’s sporting goods stores in several states were
    charged a “medical excise tax” on goods purchased on Jan. 1, 2013.

    The surcharges were erroneous,a company spokesperson told the World-Herald News Service on Jan. 9. He blamed the error on “a glitch in the system” and said all customers subjected to the charge would receive a full refund.

    A 2.3% medical device excise tax imposed by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (“Obamacare”) did, in fact, take effect as of Jan. 1, 2013, but it does not apply to consumer purchases.

    According to the IRS: “Because the tax is imposed upon the sale of a taxable medical device by the manufacturer or importer, the manufacturer or importer is responsible for reporting and paying the tax.”

    In addition, the law provides for what is called a “retail exemption,” meaning items such as eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, and “other devices that are of a type that are generally purchased by the general public at retail for individual use” are exempt from the
    medical device excise tax.

    For more details, see Medical Device Excise Tax: Frequently Asked Questions from the IRS.


    since nitrogen from farming and hog operations run off has killed the creeks, lakes, ponds and the rivers are now dying, i say let them tax fishing, for there are no fish to catch!

  • Theresa

    While there is and has been an excise tax on sports fishing equipment and some other hunting type equipment, this tax had nothing to do with the Affordable Care Act and these things are not included in the medical excise tax.
    You either have done a poor investigative job or you are being deliberately misleading.