Obamacare now has DOOR-TO-DOOR SALESMEN to pitch this thing to people!!

HOUSTON — Call them the door-to-door salesmen of Obamacare. A couple of cheerful young men wearing identical T-shirts and carrying a clipboard full of pamphlets walks through a neighborhood near Hobby Airport in southeast Houston.

They fit right into the neighborhood, looking like a couple of fresh-faced college students working on a civic project. They knock on doors, greet the people who live in the homes they visit and deliver a practiced message.

“The Affordable Health Care Act is trying to help everybody out.” one of them tells a woman standing on her doorstep. “Might be able to save a lot of money to help out your family.”

“Tenemos workshops en Denver Harbor,” says the other young man, switching to Spanish for a bilingual conversation.

The woman at the door smiles and laughs, says she’s not exactly political, but she’s curious.

“So like, me, I have a six year old kid,” says Maria Mendoza, launching into an explanation of her family’s situation, including an admission that she doesn’t have any health insurance.

That makes her a prime candidate for the message the door-to-door canvassers are delivering.

Obamacare won’t work without people. The health insurance exchanges established under the Affordable Care Act need clients. So an army of outreach workers deployed across the nation are spreading the word about the law and trying to convince millions of uninsured Americans to sign up.

More at http://www.khou.com/news/local/Door-to-door-with-Obamacare-228109351.html


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  • mytakeis

    See how much more it will cost, if you do not have insurance, you will have to pay the ‘No Insurance Collection Tax’ ($650 or 2.5% of income). If you do sign up for insurance you will have to pay X amount per month and have a great big X amount deducted before any health related payment, excluding any co-pays you will be required to pay, are made on your behalf. It seems one way or another this law will pull money from your pocket and you have no recourse other than to pay. Looks like a hard sell no matter how many solicitors are out on the street. Once a person see the real drain on the family budget, there is not going to be much cause for satisfaction, not even for the few who will be in line for subsidized payments.

  • parrots_abound

    Wow, door to door sales for a Government MANDATED program, which forces us to pay a “tax”, or go on a website which has been PROVEN to be hacker friendly, buggy, or non operational entirely. ON TOP of the fact your personal info is required BEFORE you find what you get.

    This is America? Yep, this is America under the Tyranny of Obama.

  • Big M

    Would somebody please tell me something? If this is supposed to be a “law,” and it is supposed to be (LOL) CONstitutional, then why do they need anybody to “pitch” it?

    Somebody? Anybody?

  • guest

    If everyone simply boycotts anything to do with this, then what?