ObamaCare Rate Calculator – Premium for me (55) and wife (47) is $17,171 a year, 70% coverage, plus out-of-pocket $14,232 a year

There is no subsidy for a couple earning $65k+ a year combined. We included the $5,300 smokers surcharge in our calculation. This will DESTROY what’s left of the middle class, here the calculator…


The penalty/tax will be phased in from 2014 to 2016.

The minimum penalty/tax in 2016 will be $695 per person and up to 3-times that per family. After 2016, these
amounts will increase at the rate of inflation.

The minimum penalty/tax per person will start at $95 in 2014 (and then increase through 2016)

No family will ever pay more than 3X the per-person penalty, regardless of how many people are in the family.

The $695 per-person penalty is only for those who make between $9,500 and ~$37,000 per year. If you make less than ~$9.500, you’re exempt. If you make more than ~$37,000, your penalty is calculated by the following formula…

The penalty is 2.5% of any household income above the level at which you are required to file a tax return. That level is currently $9,500 per person and $19,000 per couple. The penalty on any income above that is 2.5%. So the penalty can get expensive quickly if you make a lot of money.

However, the penalty can never be more than the cost of a “Bronze” heath insurance plan purchased through one of the state “exchanges” that will be created as part of Obamacare. The CBO estimates that these policies will cost $4,500-$5,000 per person and $12,000-$12,500 per family in 2016, with the costs rising thereafter.

So, basically, you’re looking at penalties of approximately the following at the following income levels:

Less than $9,500 income = $0
$9,500 – $37,000 income = $695
$50,000 income = $1,000
$75,000 income = $1,600
$100,000 income = $2,250
$125,000 income = $2,900
$150,000 income = $3,500
$175,000 income = $4,100
$200,000 income = $4,700
Over $200,000 = The cost of a “bronze” health-insurance plan




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  • anne

    Simple, the smart are going to take the penalty and find the black market health care.

    • TruthNotOUT

      Yeah and corporate America will create more part time jobs and with no employees eligible for health care benefits.

      • Wyman Ferguson

        hate to break the bad news to ya, but that’s the only kind of jobs they are creating NOW. O-care is only a bridge to single payer. Ever since FDR’s time, the libtards have lusted to be able to make yet another (biggest of all) deduction from your pay check.

    • Justin Case

      How is that smart at all? Why is it smart to give away money to the government if you don’t have to? Let me ask you a simple question. You do realize that the Supreme Court of the United States of America ruled that the government can NOT forceably collect the Penalty/tax don’t you? There is absolutly no reason under the stars to pay the Obamacare penalty/tax unless you think that what Obama is doing to America is good and because you want to help fund an enemy of the American people, namely the government.

  • FTG

    I don’t give a fuck I’m not going to buy a fucking thing and may God have mercy on the motherfucking fed that comes to my house to try to collect

  • Fact Checker

    The funny thing is, if you actually type this guy’s information in, you get lower numbers than what he’s claiming. But let’s say, for the sake of argument, he’s right (which he isn’t.) 17,171 is still a hell of a lot less than you’d be able to get health insurance for two people if you’re paying out of pocket now. At that income anyway. As for the maximum out of pocket expenses, don’t get 50,000 dollars worth of health care in a year. There, problem solved. And if, god forbid, something bad should happen to you and/or your wife, be grateful that 250,000 dollars worth of health care will still only cost you 14,000 dollars. But most importantly, remember this, if you already HAVE health insurance, nothing is going to change for you. If you DON’T have health insurance, things will only get better for you. (Unless you’re one of those a-holes who would rather not have it, even though you can afford it, and then you don’t pay your bills when something bad happens to you) In summation, I am an independent. I didn’t vote for Obama, and I will probably vote for Chris Chrisstie if he runs next term, but you wacko extremist republicans who can’t look past their hate for Obama are just making yourselves sound dumber and dumber with every easily debunked lie you tell. You’re making me WANT to be a Democrat. I can only assume that’s the opposite of your goal. Just suck it up and accept that Obama Care is the ONE good thing this president did. After all, it was a Republican who came up with the idea.

    • Fact Checker

      Realized it was probably unclear about the “lower numbers” comment. This is for the annual out of pocket, not the premium. And if you and your wife weren’t moron smokers, you’d save 5,000 a year on insurance, 5,000 a year on paying for cigarettes, and you wouldn’t be killing yourself and children that come near you. That’s a win/win/win

  • help us God