Obese travelers ‘should pay MORE when they fly because their extra weight burns more fuel’, claims academic

  • Professor says overweight passengers generate higher costs for airlines
  • He suggests they pay more when they fly, while slim people pay less
  • But some in the industry feel the proposals are unworkable

A pay-what-you-weigh airline pricing scheme should be introduced because heavier people cost more in fuel to fly, a professor has claimed.

Heavier passengers would pay more for their plane tickets and lighter ones less under plans put forward by Dr Bharat P Bhatta.

Writing in this month’s Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management publication, Dr Bhatta said weight and space should be taken into account when airlines price their tickets.

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Heavy cargo: A Norwegian professor says airlines should force overweight passengers to pay more to fly than their thinner counterparts

Dr Bhatta, of the Sogn og Fjordane University College in Norway, said: ‘Charging according to weight and space is a universally accepted principle, not only in transportation, but also in other services.

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