GAS DOOM:  DIESEL OFFICIALLY HIT $6.00 in California… Watch nation come to screeching halt!

Diesel SHOULD be cheaper. It is less refined than Gasoline.

You can take crude oil… heat it and Diesel will “come out” of the sludge all on it’s own. Watch the truckers who keep this nation in motion stop dead in their tracks.

I know supply and demand… but no deliveries will make fuel even more expensive.

No word yet… from any media… but $6.00/ Gallon for Diesel means truckers will have to pay extra money for the privilege of delivering fuel and good. As in they will actually pay out of pocket for each mile versus make money for each mile.

Also, understand that loads often have pre-negotiated pricing. Added fuel costs aren’t figured in that price.

Gas Crisis: Tweets from around the U.S. ” long lines at gas stations right now!” Panic buying! Fights!

Check this out, our country is acting like a crack addict.


From ABC News: Soaring gas prices across California have forced some station owners to shut off their pumps while people change their driving habits or, in some cases, avoid driving all together.

A gallon of regular gas was $5.69 Thursday in Calabasas, while a gallon of super costs $5.89 with cash and $5.99 with credit. Such prices are causing pain at the pump for many drivers who might see an 11-cent increase by later this morning, which means some could be paying more than $6 a gallon.

Watch the video!!


California Gas Crisis Is Be Spreading To Other States

Calif. jump pushes gas prices over Hawaii’s

HONOLULU (AP) — A 20-cent jump overnight in California gas prices has put the state ahead of Hawaii for the nation’s most expensive gas.

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AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge report says Cailfornia’s average price for regular gas across the state is $4.49 a gallon. In Hawaii, it’s $4.41….

**ALL VALERO stations halt GAS SALES in CA!!!

**Gas prices in Oakland, Yikes! The photo speaks for itself.

California’s Gas Price Nightmare Could Last For Weeks

California drivers may have to wait until November to see any relief at the pump, analysts say.


The state’s gas prices surged 17 cents last night and have spiked 36 cents in the past week.

A confluence of factors have caused Golden State gas prices to jump, including refinery outages and pipeline disruptions.

But the most persistent driver has been the government’s mandate that summer blend gasoline be sold through Oct. 31, AAA analyst Avery Ash told us by phone.

Wholesalers have begun petitioning the EPA for waivers to switch to winter blends for some early relief, he said.

Without that relief, prices could top the state’s 2008 record of $4.61 early next week.


Gas Prices Go Up, Consumer Frustration Also Goes Up

What goes up, must come down. But in the meantime, consumers try to cope.

Southern Californians are paying the highest prices in the nation currently. And experts say that pain at the pump will last a little while longer.

One station in Calabasas is charging the highest rate in LA County — nearly $6 for a gallon.

Reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, Amanda Burden went to the station and called it a virtual ghost town.

She said cars peeled in but peeled right out when they saw the sign for $5.79 a gallon for regular. Said one customer, “I can’t believe this! $5.79 a gallon? Oh my God!”

Said another, “Crap! I’ve never seen it so high. This is unbelievable.”


** People Are Flipping Out: California Is On The Brink Of Collapse And The Panic Is Quickly Spreading Throughout The Nation! Will It Be The Catalyst Of An Impending Market Crash?

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