Ohio county strong arming citizens into getting revenue – compliance sweep of unlicensed dogs has seized 100 so far, threat to euthanize!

here’s a war on dogs in Allen County Ohio. Almost 100 pets have already been seized by the Allen County Dog Warden since beginning a compliance sweep in recent days.

Allen County dog owners who haven’t licensed their dogs this year better do one of two things immediately: buy a license today or hide their family dog(s)! The Dog Warden is doing a clean sweep of unlicensed pets. On Thursday, they posted a notice on their Facebook page:

“Allen County Dog Warden’s Office

Hi all of our Facebook friends. Just wanted to let you all know why we haven’t posted adoptable dogs….. we don’t have any right now! Rescue groups have been able to take our adoptable dogs and we are very grateful they have the room because we have started our tag compliance checks.

Every year we print a list of people that haven’t renewed their dog license, then we try to call as many as we can to see if they still have their dog. If they do we encourage them to get it within a given time. If they choose not to, then they can receive a citation or have their dog impounded or both. While out doing our compliance checks we are checking surrounding houses as well.

And make no mistake, they are impounding pets in this sweep.

When questioned via their Facebook page what they are doing with the impounded dogs, they replied: “…so far most have claimed their dogs the same or next day, which is great. If unlicensed dogs are not claimed after the legal holding time of 3 days the healthy, friendly adoptable dogs are offered to rescues and Debs Dogs, Happy Tails Pup Partners, Allen and Auglaize County Humane Societies have been great. Yes, we do euthanize.

It’s true that under Ohio law you must buy a license for your dog each year, and it’s certainly in your, and your pet’s best interest to do so. If you don’t license your dog, you are subjected to a fine and you must purchase a license at double the price. But that’s not enough for Allen County authorities, who are making this a money grab. Once impounded, an owner must pay impound fees, a daily boarding fee, a fine and buy a license at double the price in order to retrieve their pet.

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No license leads to dog confiscation in Allen County

LIMA — Dog confiscation is underway in Allen County.

Dog wardens, police officers and deputies are going door-to-door to the homes of dog owners who failed to purchase a license for the year. So far, 36 dogs have been seized from their owners.

The effort actually starts with a phone call, trying to get people to buy a license. The next step is going to a home. Dog wardens can seize dogs in a yard or running loose. They cannot enter a house, and Shellhammer said that wouldn’t happen without an owner’s permission.

“I’m sure a judge would not give a search warrant for not having a dog license,” she said.

That means some people can tell Shellhammer and others to leave. Most have been compliant, she said.

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Since April 30, the dog warden, partnered with city of Lima, has confiscated 43 dogs that did not have up-to-date tags. Some of those dogs were taken from yards. Others were willingly surrendered by owners. Most of those dogs have since been returned to their owners. Dogs were not forcibly taken from inside homes.



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