Omen: Will A Deep Recession & Market Correction Occur in 2013?

When the World’s Tallest Skyscrapers had been completed in the past it often coincided with the start of Economic Downturns & market corrections. Within an estimated 90 days or so China will finish the worlds largest Skyscraper!!!
Will this time period any different?

Below are some very interesting articles!!!


Above the world in 90 days: China building world’s tallest skyscraper — 220 storeys — in just three months

When Pierre Beaudet was told about a Chinese corporation’s plans to build the world’s tallest building in record speed — 2,749 soaring feet in just 90 days — the global studies professor marvelled Thursday: “Ah. There’s nothing they can’t do.”

Having already revolutionized construction by literally stacking factory-made modules like Lego blocks, Broad Sustainable Building Corporation is sending the world a message — not just about itself, but also about its home country: Make no mistake, China is an epicentre of technological progress and a nation worthy of awe.

Look How Skyscrapers Have Predicted Recession Through History

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Is China’s Race to Build the World’s Tallest Building a Bad Omen?

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The sky’s the limit these days.

People communicate with one another via Skype. No new football stadium is complete without the construction of pricey skyboxes. James Bond revisits his ancestral home in the hit movie Skyfall. And so on.

China – awash in trade-surplus profits after decades of communist austerity – is a country where the outrageous has become commonplace. Thus it is no surprise that human habitation there is also reaching for the sky.

And how. Whatever else may be said of that country, the Chinese have never been accused of thinking small, as you can see in the plans for Changsha’s new Sky City.



It’s called the Skyscraper Index!!
The Omen might just effect the actual country that the skyscraper is built in. However if China has a bad recession can the US stay immuned such a decline to the Chinese economy (worlds 2nd largest), isn’t the world interrelated?


– eagleman


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