OMG…This Is Going To Be A WAR THREAD – UPDATED As I Get Information – Discussion At The End Of The Report.

by Pamela Williams

It is not looking good as far as staying out of war.  Right now Trump and Tillerson are discussing strikes against Assad  They say they have evidence Assad is responsible for chemical attacks on his people.  But why?.  My feelings are we are in the right to strike North Korea.  They are provoking us.  However, we are not in any way in the right to strike Syria.  And that is the Country we are actually seriously thinking about striking right now.  I will be listing quotes, sources, and everything I can find on the developing situation.  Please forgive me my errors, for I will be working at a fast pace.


Current facts from trusted news sources :

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Thursday that “steps are underway” on an international coalition to pressure Bashar Assad from power, as President Trump was being briefed on military options for Syria – though what specific steps the U.S. and its allies might take in response to the latest deadly chemical weapons attack remained unclear.

America’s top diplomat addressed the Syria crisis a day after Trump declared in the Rose Garden that the chemical strike would not be tolerated. Tillerson pointedly said Russia should “consider carefully” its support for the Assad regime, while calling for an international effort to defeat ISIS in Syria, stabilize the country and ultimately work with partners through a political process that leads to Assad leaving power.

Asked if the U.S. would organize a coalition to remove Assad, Tillerson said: “Those steps are underway.”

“It’s a serious matter, it requires a serious response,” Tillerson said, adding the recent attack “violates all previous U.N. resolutions, violates international norms and long-held agreements.”

Tillerson made his remarks in West Palm Beach, Fla., after welcoming China’s President Xi Jinping for a two-day summit with Trump. En route to Florida, Trump also said the attack “shouldn’t be allowed to happen.” 

The statements come amid discussions at senior levels of the Pentagon and White House about the next moves in Syria — and reflect a newly aggressive stance, mere days after the Trump administration appeared ready to accept Assad as the country’s leader for the foreseeable future. 

The Obama administration for years pursued a strategy similar to that outlined Thursday by Tillerson, to little success. Trump has not said whether he would go further than his predecessor in using military force. 

In Florida, however, Trump was set to receive a briefing Friday from Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster on military options that could be taken in retaliation for this week’s chemical weapons strike, Fox News has learned.

According to senior military officials, McMaster and Mattis traveled to Florida to attend meetings with Trump and visiting Chinese President Xi and planned to discuss possible military action Thursday afternoon.

“There has been a ton of traffic on this in the last 48 hours,” a source told Fox News, adding that the chemical weapons attack was among the issues addressed during Wednesday’s National Security Council meeting. 

There are currently two U.S. Navy warships in the eastern Mediterranean — the USS Ross and USS Porter — which could be called upon to strike in Syria if requested, multiple defense officials told Fox News.

On Capitol Hill, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said he spoke with Trump on Wednesday and that he confirmed plans “to consult with General McMaster and General Mattis and make a decision there.”

On Thursday, McCain and Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., issued a joint statement asserting that “the latest use of chemical weapons” by the government of Assad requires action, calling for Trump to take out Syria’s air force.

“The message from the United States must be that this will not stand. We must show that no foreign power can or will protect Assad now. He must pay a punitive cost for this horrific attack,” read the statement.

As many as 72 Syrians, including women and children, were killed in Tuesday’s attack. The Syrian military denied it used chemical weapons against civilians.

Although Graham contended Trump does not need to congressional approval to take action, others are urging a more cautious approach.

Sen. Bob Corker, the Republican chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, told reporters he first wanted to know which military options were under consideration by the White House.

@worldonalert: #Syria: Reports that #Iran|ian ships are leaving #Tartous port after orders from #Russia


It’s war. There’s nothing anyone here can do about it. Our forces will be handling it. Your deal should be to get rest. We have major problems domestically and that threat cannot be ignored in light of military action overseas. Soros and Bammy’s machine will running wild here in CONUS. You have to pick your battles wisely.


Do not fret over that which you cannot control. Deal with what you have. You’ll stay sane that way. This is a wait & see show for me. Been to war twice on my end. I’ve no need to fret. So, relax. Breathe. Pray for our forces and the civilians out there because they have the front row seats.


All bets are off once the rounds go downrange.


@spectatorindex: BREAKING: Israeli PM Netanyahu wants buffer zones on Syria’s borders with Israel and Jordan

(Via Haaretz)


@AFP: #BREAKING Russia at UN warns US over possible military action in Syria


In a conventional war, the USA can defeat North Korea and Syria at the very same time.

With plenty of reserves left to fight Russia or China as needed.

@Joyce_Karam: Other journalists with at least 2 big US media outlets told to keep phone on, watch Syria developments tonight.


CNN says Mattis is now briefing Trump.


UN #Russia Rep: All responsibility if military action occurred, will be on shoulders of those who initiated (it).


#UN diplomat said: The Security Council not voting or compromising tonight increases the chances of #US military strike on #Syria.




50 missiles

Targeted aircraft and runway

ISIS doesn’t have aircraft

Targeting Syrian airbases.
The administration’s decision to launch the strikes only came about in the last 24 hours. It involved a complete reversal of a policy that President Donald Trump and his administration had just begun to lay out the previous week

General Jack Keane is reporting

it is a very limited strike hitting

known chemical weapons facilities only

US defense officials tell Fox the two warships have been training for the past two days to execute this mission.
More than 50 missiles fired at one air base
They are tomahawks.
Senators McCain and Graham are applauding Trump.
Warning Assad not to kill his own people.
Trump just said this is in the vital interest of the United States.


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