One Year Old Warship Is Disintegrating Because Of Massive Design Flaw!

One Year Old Warship Is Disintegrating Because Of Massive Design Flaw!……………


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  • Mr Bill

    This video article is indeed a whopper! The video speaks of very expensive design flaws in the new Navy LCS warships. And there are orders for more of these very expensive aluminum hull ships. WOW! This video is really describing what may be one of the most incompetent projects I have ever heard of, period. This level of incompetence should clearly warrant career ending terminations for many of the designers and managers on this project.

    The video indicates that GALVANIC CORROSION is the result of the design flows. REALLY!! Sailors and shipbuilders have known about galvanic corrosion for many years. There
    is a MIL STD – 889 that specifically addresses the issues. It is a well known and manageable ship design issue.

    Galvanic corrosion is like a DC battery – electricity can flow from its two terminals, if there is a closed circuit. For the galvanic corrosion, two incompatible (dissimilar) metals act as the two terminals. Closing the circuit requires two things – (1) the two metals touching each other and (2) both in contact with a conducting liquid , like seawater. When this happens, the corrosion begins and the most negative (anode) metal is dissolved away. By the way, one of the most negative metals out there is ALUMINUM. Aluminum has been used as a “sacrificial anode” to protect other metal.

    So, what about competence? A Navy ship to be built with an aluminum hull and is powered by a seawater jet pump fabricated and connected with other metals, probably steel (iron). Hmm, so aluminum is one of the most negative metals, connected to the metal pump and connectors and to the sea with a high velocity seawater stream. Hmm, Are there any design issues? What about the galvanic experience? Naw, looks good, let’s go into production. What a farce?

  • fromaway46

    There have been rumors of galvanic corrosion that existed in the WTC between the outer cladding and the internal steel structure making the buildings more problematical than they already were. I have no opinion one way or the other.

  • Al

    Metaphor for America

  • Name

    Good news.