Online Privacy Crisis: Apple Squashes App That Warned When Your iPhone Was Hacked, Reddit Is Tracking Its Users Browsing Activity, Even When They’re Logged Out…

Liberty is only win it by painful struggle, but is lost easily without notice through painless neglect.

Apple Squashes App That Warned When Your iPhone Was Hacked

And its developer isn’t pleased.

Apple has removed an app from its App Store that was designed to detect whether iOS-based devices had been infected with malware, among other issues.

The company removed System and Security Information from its App Store on Saturday, saying the program had violated Apple’s guidelines, according to the app’s creator Stefan Esser.

Apple said the program could “provide incorrect diagnostic information or other inaccurate device data,” according to a copy of the message from Apple that he posted online. The company also cited a rule that bans apps that “contain false, fraudulent, or misleading representations or use names or icons similar to other apps.”

System and Security Information tells iPhone owners what apps are running on their devices and when they’re close to running out of storage. It also is intended to detect possible hacks and malicious software that could leak private data to third parties.

Reddit Is Tracking Its Users Browsing Activity, Even When They’re Logged Out

Reddit’s press office replied to iDigitalTimes’ request for a comment after this story was published. Its response, attributed to Justin Bassett, a data scientist at Reddit and the Reddit administrator who posted the changelog, is shown below:

“Reddit does not track users outside of and our native iPhone and Android apps. The current A/B test does not rely on any off-site data and does not increase our tracking in any way. Instead, it presents users with a tailored front page based on their on-site ( usage alone.

When a logged out user on Reddit browses into different communities and engages with a specific subreddit (e.g. viewing a comments page on a link), that subreddit is added to their first-party cookies. Reddit’s first-party cookies are not made available to any non-Reddit domains (this can be verified by inspecting the cookies; they are only signed by and available to

Obama Admits The Government Monitors Your Browsing History

During a PBS town hall meeting, president Obama was asked why he and Hillary want to control and restrict guns and ammunition to responsible gun owners. Obama’s response was the typical stock answer of rejecting the “notion” that anyone is hell-bent on taking away “folks’ guns”, yada yada.

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However, as AllOutdoor notes, if you listen carefully to Obama’s full response, there is a comment Obama gives about knowing browser history that should sent everyone into a blind rage.

“I just came from a meeting, today, in the situation room, in which I’ve got people who we know have been on ISIL websites living here in the United States – US citizens. And we’re allowed to put them on the no fly list when it comes to airlines, but because of the National Rifle Association I cannot prohibit those people from buying guns!”

Based on browser history – pardon? What the president just confirmed is that someone from the government is noting everyone’s browsing history, determining which websites are not to be visited, and furthermore, if someone does visit the website for whatever reason they get put on a no fly list.

The Anonymous Conservative goes on an epic rant about this revelation.

Now, how are they finding out who is visiting those websites? How big is the unit watching that? What websites are considered verboten by the Fedguv? Who determines the status of a website? Do they have a warrant to surveil what websites people are visiting? Is there any oversight, by any elected body? Nobody knows, because that section of the government is completely hidden from everyone’s view, and the media will never dare ask, for some unimaginable reason.

Imagine how powerful the machine is, that it is actually aware of who is looking at what online. Imagine how powerful the machine is, that an airline executive picks up the phone to hear a disembodied voice say, “You aren’t going to sell this guy a plane ticket today.” No airline asks questions, and nobody asks for a court order or government document. Imagine the power, that the American media dare not mention anything about it. Everyone just jumps to do what they are told. What does the government have on the airline people, the media, the politicians, that everyone will be so blindly obedient, and never even act as if the beast stalking them could possibly exist?

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