Oregon BLM: Document Data Dump Expose It’s all about the Minerals!

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Oregon: Hammond Case: Abuse of Power by BLM, FWS and US Attorney

May 12, 2015 Bureau of Land Management, Constitution, CORRUPTION, Federal gov & land grabs

From: American Land Rights Association

Hammond Case: Abuse of Power by BLM, FWS and US Attorney

Gross Miscarriage of Justice: Urgent Action Required

The Hammond family in Diamond, Oregon appears to be being persecuted by the Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Wildlife Service and the US Attorney in Eugene, Oregon.

This case represents what we believe is an extreme abuse of Federal Government power. The Federal agency officials (BLM) and (Fish and Wildlife Service) are going after the Hammonds on a pretext of arson, in a vendetta and payback for the Hammonds fighting back against the BLM and FWS to protect their water rights in the 90’s. The agencies also appear to be deliberately trying to intimidate other ranchers so they will not speak out.

Other ranchers are afraid if they say anything to support the Hammonds out of fear the BLM will come after them too. This case really demands a Congressional investigation and Hearing.

Oregon: Hammond Case: Abuse of Power by BLM, FWS and US Attorney

Scoping Report
BLM Vale District, Malheur and Jordan Resource Areas Southeastern Oregon Resource Management Plan Amendment and Environmental Impact Statement
October 2012

Dear Reader:
United States Department of the Interior
Vnle Distt·ict Office 100 Oregon Street Vale, OR 97918
OCT 1 12012
In May of2010, the Vale District Bureau of Land Management (BLM) initiated public scoping and tribal consultation regarding a proposed amendment to the Southeastern Oregon Resource Management Plan (SEORMP)pursuanttotennsoftheNinthCircuitCourtSettlementAgreem?ent. TheSEORMPwas originally completed in September 2002 and addressed management ofapproximately 4.6 million acres of BLM-administered public lands in Malheur, Grant, and Harney counties.
The attached Scoping Report contains a summary o f comments received during the scoping process and the nine main issues that the BLM intends to address during the SEORMP amendment process. You are receiving a copy ofthis document because ofyour interest in public land management activities in this area. The Scoping Report is also available for viewing or down-loading from our website at
http:/ /www.blm.gov/ or/districts/ valc/ plans/scormpa/ indcx.php.
‘I feel it is important to highlight that since the time the SEORMP amendment process was initiated in 2010, Greater Sage-Grouse conservation has arisen as a national priority issue. In recent months the BLM Oregon/Washington State Director made a decision to address Greater Sage-Grouse management on BLM­ administered lands in the SEORMP planning area, which is within the ongoing Oregon Greater Sage-Grouse RMP amendments analysis area.
Once the Greater Sage-Grouse RMP amendment effort is completed, the BLM expects to resume work on theSEORMPSettlementAgreementamendment. Anupdatedplanningtimelineestimateisincludedatthe end ofthis Scoping Report.


Harney County judge cancels meeting due to protest preparations

BURNS, Ore. – Harney County Judge Steve Grasty announced Sunday the community meeting scheduled for Monday would be cancelled.

In a statement released by Grasty he said, “It is with a heavy heart that I feel the need to cancel the community meeting scheduled for Jan. 25.”

Grasty said he heard rumblings about a protest to block the entrance to the senior center, where the meeting was to be held.

“It’s time to take a time out,” Grasty said.


Clinton Foundation reportedly got millions as Russians sought OK for uranium deal from State

Bill Clinton and his family foundation reportedly received millions from the head of a uranium company — and a firm promoting their stock — while the Russians sought approval for a takeover of the company from several U.S. agencies including the one headed by Clinton’s wife.


Map of Resource areas





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