I have watched hours of the “Orlando Massacre- the deadliest in U.S. History”. Seems we have another Adam Lanza on our hands. How did this “shooter” get so MUCH ammo to kill 50 people, wound 53 others, AND have a shootout with 11 cops and 3 sheriffs? Supposedly he has ONLY an AR-15 which shoot .223s by the way- VERY fast but, very small bullet. 223s are made to injure not kill. See a great documentary called, “Assaulted” for further explanation. On TV. What did YOU see? THINK! I saw ONE guy with what seemed to be an injury on his thigh. The rest? Well, you tell me what did you see?


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  • red letter

    Study WHAT! If you have information that conflicts with mine, share it,or STFU.

    • Bill the eighth

      UW is right, you know nothing about guns and it shows, very badly. Standard capacity MAGAZINE for an AR-15 is 30 rounds.

      • red letter

        So What! Whats your point? The premise of my argument still stands. He’s still carrying a rifle and 300 rounds on a 85 degree day in Orlando? And nobody sees or stops him? .And what have you brought to the discussion.? A quick internet lookup. You must be so proud.

        • Unapologetically White

          My point: before you spew your uneducated spittle, take the time to study the subject. Your premise does not stand, unless it’s based on sheer ignorance.

          • red letter

            You punks are not fooling anyone. With your Confederate battle flag and screen name. The internet is full of you half baked Llberal ,middle eastern Pu$$ies. Get a real job and stop clogging up the internet.

          • Unapologetically White

            Wow. Your public edumication is showing, little girl. I’m a Georgia boy, and we don’t take kindly to the likes of you. Don’t like my flag? Come and get it. Don’t like my screed? Come and try to shut me up. Until then, study. Someday, when you grow up, you can play with the big kids.

        • Bill the eighth

          My point is, you are an idiot. It was night time you simpering fool.

    • Eddie

      Wow! Not only an ignorant dumbass — a firearms ignorant POS with attitude — but telling others who know more to STFU. What a waste of skin.

      Go back to your video games and ask your mom to reorder your Adderall. You’re just a juvenile troll, bedwetter.

      • red letter

        Comment to Uw apply s to to you also.

  • hvaiallverden

    This rifle issue is totally irrelevant, and 223 is sufficient to kill anything.
    The mags are irrelevant to, that depends upon the shooter.

    I have my record on 45 seconds, 200 m, with an 308/7.62 with 2 rounds in 3 clips.
    Can you do that and get an score of 56.
    And on top of it, put the clips in side your jacket.
    And that with an open scope, no monoculare what so ever.

    But that isnt what I focus upon, but the entire shootout, and to then drule about calibe is irrelevant, Im more intrested in the ammo used, by both parts, as I have commented before, did they use Glass.

    That one is what our Breivik used, and that also perfectly camuflages other shooters.


  • Ideas Time

    I personally like the crisis actor who said there was a bullet sticking out of a guys leg that was shown, over two inches long. For the record a 223 is a small caliber round, the same size as a 22 round but a bigger bullet and longer. The 223 round, bullet is maybe 3/4 of an inch long and travels at up to 4000 feet per second at point blank like in a small room. At that range it would go straight thru and would not be sticking out of anyone’s leg. The guy clearly lied and is confusing the bullet with the cartage.

    This is about gun control, new wars and making the gay community the victims who Muslims hate.

    We get it and the False Flag being used in this weekly Psyop.

    The real question is are they trying to distract us from the crimes of HC and what else? Rigged voting in California?

    Remember the MSM interviews paid crisis actors to back up their fraud against the American people.

  • bosunj

    There was no AR-15. It was a Sig Sauer MCX