Outrage Alert!! Ron Paul supporter has fingers broken, another has his hip displocated, at contested Louisiana GOP convention!!

Louisiana’s Republican convention in Shreveport on Saturday resulted in unexpected assaults and arrests, including one man who had his fingers broken.  Many were expectingdisagreements over the choice of delegates, especially after the state party’s executive committee issued 16 pages of new rules before the convention, but it’s doubtful that many guessed the severity of the disagreements.  The Ron Paul campaign team explained the conflicts in detail.

According to Ron Paul and his campaign staff, 113 of the 180 delegates voted to remove the sitting GOP chairman when he refused to respond to requests for information.  The 113 delegates than physically moved their chairs away from the “establishment GOP” and started their own convention.  The nearly two-thirds of the delegates began their convention, and that’s when the mayhem broke out.  Security officials, unaware of the newly formed convention, attacked Henry Herford Jr.  His prosthetic hip was dislocated and may have to be replaced.  Alex Helwig, chairman of the Rules Committee, was arrested after he made a motion to remove the Republican chair.  The Shreveport police released him later; however, some of his fingers were broken during his detainment.  Video of Helwig being arrested and assaulted has been circulating the internet and has drawn outragefrom Ron Paul supporters.  Helwig returned to the Louisiana convention later, walking with the aid of a cane.  Many are curious about what happened during his detainment.




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Just got back from the convention. Here is a quick summary. 2 days before the convention the LAGOP sent supplemental rules to the delegates and an affidavit that had to be notarized (if running for National delegate) and returned by 9:45 am the day of the convention. Needless to say the supplemental rules were made to thwart democracy (and included items that the delegates could not elect a chair, etc.).

The meeting convened and within a minute a person asked for a point of information to define what would be a quorum or majority vote. The chair (Villere) answered it was to be 3/4. Then a person stood (the chair for our District) and tried to be recognized by the chair. The chair refused to recognize the delegate standing and was trying to pass the credential and rule reports as fast as possible and without any participation. I believe the chair even stated there could be no discussions or objections.

Another person rose to be recognized by the chair and stated that he was elected as the Chair to the rules committee – not the person presented at the podium. The person at the podium tried to continue to discuss the rules report as the person on the floor stated he was the Chair for the Rules committee.

Villere (still acting as chair) asked sergeants of arms to remove the man on the floor from the convention. He was removed rather harshly and was hurt.

this was when the first video happened!
the police leave.
then it goes on!

Then someone made the motion to elect Alex Helwig as our new chair, which passed by a majority of the votes with all the delegates participating. At that point we turned our chairs around to face the newly elected chair and began to conduct business including roll call.

Villere asked that the microphone we were using be turned off. The assembly of delegates indicted he was no longer chair and had no authority. Villere asked the police to step in and remove the chair and take the microphone.

At that point the police were very forceful with the man. He stated he was handicapped (had a hip replacement) but they shoved him and he was on the ground until the medics came.

this is when the second video happened.
again the police crash in and hurt a chairman…that would be 2 chairs down and still going!

the is getting pretty violent folks!
this is not good!!!!!!!!!


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