OUTRAGE: Hurricane Sandy Victims STIILL IN TENTS… During worst Blizzard in recorded history. And you thought Bush was bad?

Below freezing temperatures are endangering Hurricane Sandy victims who huddle in cold homes that lack heat or insulation

In Staten Island, Eddie Saman has taken up residence in a volunteer-run tent city after a feeble attempt to his cover walls with blankets. While in Breezy Point, a woman carries a space heater from room to room while her storm-ravaged home is repaired.



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Staten Island hunkers down as blizzard closes in

During a severe rainstorm two weeks ago, the main tent was knocked down and shredded, destroying food stores that volunteers use to prepare hot meals for homeowners still without kitchens. The tent was rebuilt — this time with a floor made of wooden pallets in case the water does rise again — but it’s not made of heavy enough material to withstand another strong storm.




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