Outrage: Senate Republicans blocked a Democratic Bill to End tax Breaks for Moving U.S. Jobs Offshore!

Senate Republicans blocked a Democratic Bill to End tax Breaks for Moving U.S. Jobs Offshore! http://goo.gl/6qhnK


Republican committee voted for a 18-month delay of regulations to reduce risk in OTC Derivatives. http://goo.gl/4IYGP


Republican Senate Campaign Contribution Monies from Government Military Contractors with Free Speech Argument http://goo.gl/35V9l


Secret Hold On Whistleblower Protection Narrowed Down To Two Senators http://goo.gl/INklc


UBS Whistle Blower in Jail for helping the IRS with over 2,000 Tax Dodgers! http://goo.gl/s8JYp

‘Austrian tax evasion whistleblower’ dies in Swiss jail http://goo.gl/w3bqP

Swiss tax whistleblower to give WikiLeaks new data & in Jail for it http://goo.gl/KiQhV

No Bankers in Jail, No Tax Dodgers in Jail and Wall Street is Leveraged MORE than before! Tell the Truth? Go To Jail!

Federal Reserve Pays Banks / Wall Street 800% More for Deposits over what “We the People” get paid!   http://goo.gl/LblE7



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“Credit Suisse Group AG, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc each borrowed at least $30 billion in 2008 from a Federal Reserve emergency lending program whose details weren’t revealed to shareholders, members of Congress or the public. The $80 billion initiative, called single-tranche open-market operations, or ST OMO, made 28-day loans from March through December 2008, a period in which confidence in global credit markets collapsed after the Sept. 15 bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. Units of 20 banks were required to bid at auctions for the cash. They paid interest rates as low as 0.01 percent that December, when the Fed’s main lending facility charged 0.5 percent.”



Top U.S. Lobbying Banks Got Biggest Bailouts


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A Fistful of Dollars:Lobbying and the Financial Crisis; Financial …

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A Fistful of Dollars: Lobbying and the Financial Crisis by. Deniz Igan …


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