Paedophiles to be tagged with GPS alarms which are triggered if they go near a school or playground

  • The same device is being used to monitor movements of immigration cases – such as Abu Qatada
  • Satellite tagging has already been trialled on some of the country’s highest risk offenders
  • The system will be launched in April 2013


New GPS tags set to be introduced in April will mean paedophiles can be banned from areas where children gather.

The system, which monitors the most dangerous criminals via satellites orbiting the earth, will set off an alarm if the sex offenders go too near a school.

Satellite tagging, which has already been tested on a number of high profile criminals, and immigrations cases including Muslim hate preacher Abu Qatada, will allow officials to track offenders around the clock for the first time.

Probation chiefs say it will be used on the most high-risk offenders freed early from jail or given a community sentence, and has already been trialled on high-risk offenders in Hertfordshire and Wales.

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Officials will be able to track offenders by following dots across a map on their computer screens.

It will detail exactly where they have been, how fast they are travelling, and whether they are in a vehicle or on foot.

Authorities will also be able to set ‘exclusion zones’ for each offender.

It means paedophiles could be barred from school areas, with the tag alerting officials by setting off an alarm if they go too close.

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling said: ‘Satellite tagging will allow us to keep a much closer watch on high risk and persistent offenders, who cause so much harm.

‘Monitoring the movements of dangerous and repeat offenders will be vital in cutting crime, creating a safer society with fewer victims and ultimately offering greater protection and reassurance to the public.’


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