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Gerald Celente – Trends In The News – “Crash? Don’t Worry! All’s Okay!” – (2/11/16)

“The Financial Times: “January’s pessimism will give way to a more upbeat February”, after increasing $51 gold goes over $1200/ounce & “NATO will expand it’s military presence in Europe”.

Eric Dubin: We Hit an Inflection Point

Mexico Coldest in History & 50K Cows Freeze to Death

Mexico experienced its coldest temperatures ever recorded during the first week of January 2016. At the same time 35-50,000 cows froze to death in southern Texas.…………………… http://texasagriculture.texasfarmbure…………………………

Government sugar shames Canadians with 20% tax?

Matt Philips and Jason Agnew report that Canadians may be subject to 20% tax on sugary beverages. Healthy choice or form of government oppression to stop Canadians from living up to the modern day body image standards? MORE…

YELLEN TALKS NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES – Yellen Grilled About Negative Interest Rates By Congress

YELLEN TALKS NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES – Yellen Grilled About Negative Interest Rates By Congress

Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen faced what may have seemed like an absurd line of questioning on Capitol Hill this week: Has the Fed considered negative interest rates? The basic logic of lowering interest rates when economic conditions turn south

Fund Manager: LBMA Silver Fraud Fix Was Cartel’s ONE LAST SHOT to Grab Physical Silver!

On a Week Which Saw Gold Explode For its Largest Gain in 16 Years & the Global Financial Markets on the Brink of Complete Contagion, Dave Kranzler Joined the Show to Break Down All of the Action:

1. Gold Explodes to $1263: Has the 3rd Leg in the Massive Secular

California Gas Leak FIXED…For Now

The Porter Ranch methane leak has been stopped for the time being. However, this is not a permanent fix. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, and Jimmy Dore (The Jimmy Dore Show) hosts of The Young Turks discuss.

Do you think it’s fixed for good? Let us know in the comments below.

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Large scale US Military Convoy in Germany supplies Combat Exercises against Russia, Public deceived

The recent large-scale transports of US military supplies and heavy weaponry in convoys over the German Autobahn have been purposefully hidden from the public. Eyewitness footage shows dozens of trucks on their way to barracks where most likely joint combat exercises against Russia were held. None of this was reported past local media and

The US Department of Justice is suing the city of Ferguson, Missouri, for misconduct and multiple violations of citizens’ rights.

The DOJ is calling for major reform within the police department, but city council rejected the plan because it was too costly.

Hawaii’s Big Island has declared a state of emergency over an outbreak of dengue fever.

250 cases of the mosquito-borne illness have been confirmed.

US: Catholic Charities and a few other organizations that thrive on federal funds are welcoming refugees to 180 cities across the US.

The official line is that 10,000 ‘Syrian refugees’ will be brought in by the federal government. In truth, however, most of these will be neither Syrian nor refugees. Furthermore, 10,000 is a misleading number, because it excludes an additional eight people that each ‘refugee’ is allowed to bring. The real number could be 90,000.


US Intelligence chief James Clapper has acknowledged for the first time that government agencies might use the new generation of ‘smart’ household devices spy on you.

Devices such as electric meters, gas meters, thermostats, washing machines, TV sets, refrigerators, and automobiles are being equipped with digital components to monitor your every move.


This is all the result of SB277 which they told us was a needed law for our health and safety.

Glendora Unified School District

Watch: What George Clooney Was Just Caught Saying About Refugees Will Anger Many Americans

by Randy DeSoto, Western Journalism

“Ten thousand refugees a year is not…”

Speaking from the red carpet at the Berlin International Film Festival this week, actor George Clooney said the United States should be doing more to address the Syrian refugee crisis.

“The United States needs to do more, as we know. Ten thousand refugees a year

CIA Director Issues Bombshell Claim About ISIS… It’s A LOT Worse Than We Thought

by Kevin Whitson, Western Journalism

ISIS has not surrendered its supply.

CBS will air an episode of 60 Minutes Sunday in which current CIA Director John Brennan confirms what many have feared — ISIS is using chemical weapons in its quest to establish a caliphate in the Middle East.

“We have a number of instances where ISIL has used

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