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Joe Saluzzi: HFT, inept regulators & Fed distortion = more flash crashes

Rick Rule: The opportunities in front of us

Gabelli and Einhorn are validating the view that this cycle has entered a later, more dangerous stage. It might not end tomorrow and it might take financial asset prices even higher before it runs out of steam, but limiting factors — valuations, corporate earnings, foreign exchange rates — are appearing.

Ship carrying 180 Tons of Ammonium Nitrate just sank in the Pacific, Costa Rica.

China’s margin debt is exploding by any measure. “Could trigger sharp sell off” … Outstanding Margin Debt used to buy stocks in China 2015: $260B vs. 2014: $46B

Vision from 2012. Devalued Dollar, Race Riots, New Madrid Quakes

15 million Egyptians infected with Hepatitis C: health minister- that is 22% of the population …WTF?

Housing Bubble 2: Investor Purchases Hit Record, Small Investors Pile in, ‘Smart Money’ Gets Out

This latest ponzi scheme is being run to reduce the exposure and borrowing costs of JPMorgan reference the Greek debt tied to JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank, which is euro denominated at a rate of 1.25.

Great summary of the major concerns a growing number of Americans are expressing regarding Jade Helm.

Did The Supreme Court Just Overturn Citizens United On Accident?

Jade Helm 15 begins in July.

One Of the Largest For Profit College Systems In The United States Closing Down

Will EPS estimates trend lower? Margin Proxy: Pricing Power VS Labor Costs

What happens when gov’t mandates the purchase of your product? Your profits quadruple!