Study Finds Boiling Water Responsible For Dark Streaks On Mars

by Edmondo Burr

A new scientific study claims that water may be responsible for carving out the dark streaks seen on the surface of Mars.

 Raw Story reports:

A team from France, Britain and the United States constructed models and simulated Mars conditions to follow up on a 2015 study which proffered “the strongest

Hey, Muslims…let me be clear, nobody cares that Muslim terrorists are killing more of you than they are of us

by BNI

We care that you do nothing to stop your Muslim co-religionists from terrorizing the world other than giving occasional lip service to “being against ISIS.”

We care that you do nothing to reform your violent cult posing as a religion, which commands Muslims to convert or kill all unbelievers, execute homosexuals,




I’ve accepted that there are evil forces in this world that will do what they can to destroy you and your family in order to build globalism. From the Brussels bombings to the Panama Papers to the ongoing Syrian massacres and turmoil in the Middle East and the refugee crises, it is

Venezuela wastes away… Caracas resident: ‘If we have lunch, we don’t have dinner’… Troops go hungry, steal goats

Venezuela should be rich. Instead it’s becoming a failed state.

It’s come to this: The country with the largest oil reserves in the world can’t afford to brew its own beer, stay in its own time zone, or even have its own people show up to work more than two times a week.

Venezuela, in

President Fox Apologizes, Invites Trump to Mexico

SANTA MONICA, California — During an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, former Mexican President Vicente Fox apologized Wednesday for the vulgar language he has used regarding GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s proposal to build a wall along the southern border and invited the likely Republican nominee to Mexico to see the border from the other side.

Earlier this


Hillary has heavily won votes so far from blacks, latinos, other minorities, woman etc. Even if Hillary is in trouble for this, they will still vote for her. They are not concerned about honesty or emails, they just want government benefits and handouts please……

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com


EXCLUSIVE: The infamous Romanian hacker

Why Trump Winning the Republican Nomination is Good for American Democracy

by Michael Krieger, libertyblitzkrieg.com

While it might sound strange, a coronation of Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary will mark the end of the party as we know it. There’s been a lot written about the “Sanders surge,” with much of it revolving around Hillary Clinton’s extreme personal weakness as a candidate. While this is indisputable, it’s

Bill Fleckenstein On Gold, Silver, The Shares And A Coming Black Swan That Will Trigger Downside Chaos

On the heels of global stock markets trading to the downside, continued uncertainty in currency markets and gold and silver consolidating recent gains, today one of the great short sellers in the business discussed the action in gold, silver, the shares, and a coming black swan that will trigger downside chaos.

By Bill Fleckenstein President

Intuition? Brains use stats to calculate every decision… How multitasking hampers memory development

Think you’re acting on intuition? Think again! Our brains use statistics to calculate every decision we make

Your ‘inner statistician’ calculates everything you say and do Confidence in decisions is not based on guesswork or ‘heuristics’  Instead, experiments show the brain performs secret calculations  

The word confidence is used both for the human feeling

Gun Grab Alert! Connecticut Governor to Sign Confiscation Bill

Connecticut lawmakers have passed legislation to permit law enforcement to confiscate guns and ammunition from anyone accused of domestic abuse. The bill is headed to the desk of Gov. Dannel Malloy and he’s expected to sign it.

Learn More: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2016/…


Sputnik new reports, In an unprecedented move, Colorado may become the first state to replace Obama Care with a single-payer health insurance plan that would guarantee coverage for all of the state’s residents.

Read more: http://sputniknews.com/us/20160502/10…

Holy Grail US-EU trade deal is “probably doomed.”

By Don Quijones, Spain & Mexico, editor at WOLF STREET.

TTIP, the once super-secret transatlantic trade deal that is now broadly despised on both sides of the Atlantic, may not be alive yet but it could soon be dead. And all thanks to leaks which confirm a longstanding suspicion in Europe that the ultimate goal

Freight Rail Traffic Plunges: Haunting Pictures of Transportation Recession

Wolf Richter wolfstreet.com, www.amazon.com/author/wolfrichter

292 Union Pacific engines idled in Arizona Desert

Total US rail traffic in April plunged 11.8% from a year ago, the Association of American Railroads reported today. Carloads of bulk commodities such as coal, oil, grains, and chemicals plummeted 16.1% to 944,339 units.

The coal industry is in a horrible condition

Puerto Rico: One Piece of a Giant Debt-Fueled House of Cards

Brian Whitmer, one of our emerging markets experts, talks about the Puerto Rican debt crisis and explains why the country’s recent default “was not a surprise” to him and others at EWI. Learn why he thinks this debt crisis is not stopping anytime soon.

Donald Trump: Audit the Federal Reserve



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