Munich Shooting Hoax: Gunman Suddenly Appears Out Of Nowhere CGI?

Ultimate Hillary Zombie Discovered

Infowars discovers the most intelligent Hillary Clinton supporter, his words will shock you!

While the Millenials play Pokemon, the Chinese ready for WAR!

Terror attacks – UK’s answer: Tougher sentences for ‘hate crimes’ and new fund to protect mosques

Prosecutors will be urged to press for tougher sentences for perpetrators of hate crimes after a surge in reported incidents in the wake of the EU referendum.

A new fund will also be established for “protective security measures” at synagogues, mosques, churches and other places of worship. The steps will be outlined in the Government’s

Banks Back Hillary – Not Trump

The Clintons repealed Glass-Steagall. Obviously, the big banks will be pouring money into Hillary to maintain their positions. It looks like the Democrats are for big business, not the Republicans.

. . . the Republican National Convention delegates approved a platform calling for reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act and scaling back the Dodd-Frank financial overhaul,

Hacked emails show Democratic National Committee to be corrupt arm of Hillary

by Dr. Eowyn

Ask a Democrat about Richard Nixon, and you’ll get a earfull about Nixon’s dirty campaign tricks.

That’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black, as shown by some 2,000 Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails hacked by Guccifer 2.0 and recently released by WikiLeaks.

Those emails show that the DNC is

FEMA High Level Meeting: Mega earthquake swarms coming/Map shows latest FEMA strategic points.

I hope everyone takes the time to watch this video. This guy met with a Fema agent who had just gotten out of a major meeting that put everyone there in a panic. The information in this video is invaluable, and much of it is hard for the layman to understand. I am hoping some

This CNN headline says it all: Obama’s warped reality

by DCG

The headline under Obama reads, “Obama: Trump’s doom-and-gloom doesn’t match reality.”

Obama also said this yesterday, in response to Trump’s speech at the RNC convention:

President Barack Obama this afternoon dismissed Donald Trump’s doom and gloom speech Thursday night at the Republican convention as a distortion of what’s happening in America.


GERMAN GOVERNMENT MEDIA SPIN ON MUNICH TERRORIST: “Allahu Akbar’-shouting baby-faced Muslim killer was depressed from years of bullying”

by BNI

Aren’t they all?Ali David Sonboly, the ‘mentally ill Iranian-German loner’ who killed nine in a murderous rampage in Munich is believed to have deliberately targeted young people in revenge for years of bullying. Ali Sonboly, only 18, hacked into a teenage girl’s Facebook account and invited her friends to join her at a McDonald’s

IF You Think FEMA Camp Roundups Can’t Happen, You Need to See This

by Dave Hodges


At the rate we are going, someday in the near future, we will see headlines like what is depicted above this article. The Obama administration is totally out of control. If Obama wants gun control, he should begin and end with his own goon squads.

One day soon, America could

Charles Ortel: Clinton Foundation $100 Billion Criminal Conspiracy

How much money has the Clinton Foundation raised globally? Wall Street financial expert Charles Ortel says it’s a “$100 billion criminal conspiracy” and goes on to say, “I think it is a disgrace. To put that number into perspective, depending on how you look at the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme, that was either $40

Trump says he will pull the US out of the World Trade Organization if they try to block his proposal to tax companies who move overseas.

Trump is going to take care of America first, and he has started by saying he will pull the US out of the WTO if they try to block his proposal to tax companies who move jobs overseas.

He said if they think they can build air conditioners, fire the people here in the US

VIDEO: Lightning causes Chicago subway station structure to collapse

Just passed the L collapsing at Racine on 290- unbelievable! #storms @BenBradleyABC7 @jerrytaft

— Isles OfErin (@IslesofErin) July 24, 2016

Quick video of the scene.

— Dylan Doppelt (@DylanDoppelt) July 25, 2016

A pedestrian ramp to a subway station in Chicago collapsed Sunday during a heavy storm after it was apparently hit by lightning. Officials said no one was injured.


Video was anonymously posted online this week showing a Santa Clara County Sheriff’s deputy involved in a standoff with police after he decided to pull his gun on a Jack in the Box employee.

Benjamin Lee, 33, was arrested about 2:40 a.m. earlier this year after he drunkenly drove into the Jack in the Box

It’s About To Get Ugly: “You Better Have Some Exposure To Hard Assets”

Mac Slavo July 24th, 2016

How much longer can insider machinations keep financial markets propped up? And how will they keep markets from collapsing when the world panics like it did at the start of the year and again following the Brexit vote?

According to K92 Mining President Bryan Slusarchuk, there’s not much ammunition left for central


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