Comey lied at email press conference and to congress… FBI never asked Clinton about ‘intent’… Comey made it up!


FBI agents never asked Hillary Clinton about the intentions behind her mishandling of classified information, despite the fact that FBI Director James Comey said he declined to recommend charges against her because he found no evidence she intentionally thwarted the law, Rep. Trey Gowdy said.

“I didn’t see any questions on the issue of

‘Not Germany’s waiting room’: Austrian defense chief lashes out at Merkel’s refugee policy… Chuck Johnson: Muslim migrants will cause collapse of Europe

The German chancellor’s “we can do it” approach to refugee crisis is “irresponsible” as it lures more migrants to Europe instead of capping their number, Austria’s defense minister said, calling on European leaders to promptly convene a “summit on deportation.”

“This is not a policy, if Europe stays here in agony and sticks its head

African American Trump Supporter Got Standing Ovation After Speaking On The Black Community Must See

African American Trump Supporter Gets Standing Ovation After Speaking On The Black Community!

Powerful Speech At Trump Rally In Austin Texas! SHARE!


“This is the party of Abraham Lincoln, and we will not be divided,” Bray told the crowd.

“We ought to be convicted that we’ve allowed the narrative of Republicanism to be

The Wikileaks founder Has Received Information Relating To Seth Rich Murder… Don’t Want to Compromise The Investigation

Assange responded, “We’re very interested in anything that might be a threat to Wikileaks’ sources… we’re not saying that Seth Rich is necessary connected to our publications. ”

Kelly pressed further, “Do you have any suspicions on who may be have been behind his murder?”

The Wikileaks founder said to Kelly, “We have

New Polls out, Florida Chamber of Commerce Trump 44% Hitlery 41% LA Times General Election Trump 44% Hitlery 43% UPI Poll Trump 48% Hitlery 47%

Going up, up, up!


Hillary Clinton: Helping rapists get away with their crimes since 1975…

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The Global Real Estate Bubble Is OFFICIALY Bursting

by Harry Dent

It’s official.

The global real estate bubble is bursting.

After imposing a hefty 26% tax on foreign buyers, and a 12% to 16% surcharge for buyers who flipped their house between one and two years, Singapore real estate has declined 21.5%.

Vancouver has taken similar measures, and – surprise, surprise – its real

If You Talk About “THIS” You Will Be Targeted—100% Proof & Whats Really Going Down

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How YOU Can Stop Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Interview w/ Tim Canova

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the EPITOME of everything that is wrong with the Democratic Party. Beyond being bought and sold by corporations, she also acted incredibly unethically to undermine Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, culminating in her forced resignation as the chair of the Democratic National Committee. Professor Tim Canova, who has been

Hope Fades As The Collapse Spreads Across The Country

Consumer confidence declines as people begin to lose hope. Dollar stores are having a rough time surviving this economic crisis.There is no sign of manufacturing, it is all negative. Q2 GDP revised. Yellen says economy improving, labor market improving, ready to hike the rates. This is the illusion, the rates will only be raised

The August Event Continues, The Creation Of Security Zone Is Now Complete

Obamacare is a complete failure but Obama will not admit it. The first amendment is being gutted. Russia wants a complete ceasefire before the situation gets out of hand. George Soros planned to have a regime change in Russia. Kerry presents peace deal in Yemen, surrender. Libyan UN backed government wants more bombings from

Scientists Spot Galaxy Made Of 99.9% Dark Matter

by Edmondo Burr

Astronomers using the world’s most powerful telescopes have discovered a massive galaxy made up almost entirely of dark matter.

Dragonfly 44 is located 300 million light-years away in the constellation Coma.

 Wired reports:

Dark matter is the invisible ‘gravitational glue’ that holds galaxies together and is thought to make up

WAKE UP CALL: The System Is Coming Apart At The Seams And The Coming Collapse Will Cause “Our Entire World To Change.” — BILL HOLTER

The cartel hit gold hard again on Wednesday selling $1.5 BILLION is paper gold into the market in ONE MINUTE and as JS Mineset’s Bill Holter notes, “$1.5 Billion of gold is close to 2% of global production and to see that sold in one minute is laughable. Who has that amount of gold

South Koreans in 50 cities protest US missile deployment

South Koreans in more than 50 cities have gathered for candle-light vigils to protest against the planned deployment of US missile system THAAD. Activists have pledged to prevent the weapon from being based anywhere in the country. With opposition to the planned deployment growing stronger, the exact timing for stationing the American missiles has

Yellen Basically Admits The U.S. Is A Banana Republic



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