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FBI Agents Spy on Burning Man Festival to Prevent ‘terrorism,’ Test Out New ‘intelligence collection’

FBI agents have been ‘intelligence gathering’ at the alternative festival since 2010, they admitted They claimed it was needed to ‘aid in the prevention of terrorist activites and intelligence collection’ But the methods used to secretly collect information have been redacted The 29th Burning Man festival is taking place in Nevada this week The FBI

Can Israel Be Bought? Obama/Kerry Seek to ‘Bribe’ Israel With Advanced Weapons Package for Iran Deal Support!


Well here it is folks. Nearly over. The unthinkable and impossible to believe moment has arrived. The socialist team of McConnell and Boehner got a stupid Republican Senator Bob Corker (TN) to pass a bill that makes it IMPOSSIBLE for Republicans to block the Iran deal, yet allows fake Democratic Israel Senators Schumer and

CHINA: The PLA has promised that 84 percent of the military equipment on display in the parade will be seen in public for the first time.

– Military display –

The PLA has promised that 84 percent of the equipment on display will be seen in public for the first time.

According to state media, carrier-based aircraft, long distance bombers and various missiles will be shown — possibly including the DF-21D, a long-rumoured ballistic “carrier-killer” that could change

Army seeks help from residents after A MISSILE FELL OFF AN APACHE HELICOPTER In New York New York

The U.S. Army is searching upstate New York for a nonexplosive missile that fell out of a flying Apache helicopter. The 100-pound dummy missile poses no threat to the public and was being used to simulate the weight of an actual Hellfire missile for training purposes, the Army told media outlets.

Known as an M3

New Jersey Warns: Drinking Water Running Low — See What ILLEGAL ALIENS do? Use resources WE need!

New Jerseyans are being asked to voluntarily conserve water as reservoirs in the densely populated northeastern portion of the state, dip to about 45% of capacity.

“The Record” newspaper reports the story, but blames Hot, Dry Weather for the shortage. My take is a little different.

In my view, the hundreds-of-thousands of ILLEGAL ALIENS


by Geoffrey Grider


“They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more

If This Sounds A Lot Like 2008 Heading Into The “One Day Away From Martial Law” Wall Street Coup, That’s Because In Many Respects That Time And This One Match Up Perfectly.

by John Rubino

Twelve months ago the world was happily sailing along in the Great Moderation, with financial markets that moved gracefully higher most of the time but even in their rare negative moments didn’t cause too much angst. The eleven trading days leading up to September 3 saw not a single triple-digit move on

Yellen & Dudley Have Destroyed Global Finance, Facilitated The Greatest Wealth Inequality In History; End The #Fed

This is what the most expensive house for sale in America looks like

— Fortune (@FortuneMagazine) September 2, 2015


Here’s what $140 million buys you.

Looking for a place by the beach? Briar Patch, an 11-acre estate in East Hampton, is on the market for $140 million. First listed

2015-16 Economic Collapse, Year of Jubilee 2016, $2000+ Gold & $50+ Silver with 3-Digit Silver in 2016!! – Bo Polny

2015-16 Economic Collapse, coming Stock Markets Crash (charts on S&P 500, DOW, Hong Kong HSI Index, Canada TSX and London FTSE), 7-Year Stock Cycle, Shemitah September 13, 2015, Significance of September 23, 2015, Year of Jubilee 2016, $2000+ Gold & $50+ Silver with 3-Digit Silver in 2016!

Economies Around The World Are In Shambles. All Central Banks And Banking Systems Are Overextended. So Too Are Political Entities… The Collapse Is Coming

What Comes Next?

Economies around the world are in shambles. All central banks and banking systems are overextended. So too are political entities. The geo-political situation is worse than any time since World War II.

Any of the aforementioned conditions is enough to cause a major correction in financial asset pricing, particularly when these assets

Chart: China’s overnight rates rise on capital outflows in spite of PBoC liquidity injections; repo, SHIBOR above 2%

Chart: China's overnight rates rise on capital outflows in spite of PBoC liquidity injections; repo, SHIBOR above 2% (@SoberLook) September 3, 2015

Ibuprofen, aspirin and OTC painkillers can cause deadly heart attacks and strokes, FDA admits

by David Gutierrez, Natural News

In July, the FDA announced changes to the labels of nearly every medication in the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) class, warning that those drugs could cause fatal strokes and heart attacks even in young people with no known cardiovascular risk factors. Heart attacks could be triggered after just weeks of taking

Bill Holter — A Dollar Crash Of Biblical Proportion — Something Changed Three Weeks Ago And A Series Of Events Began Which Has Led To A Cascading Collapse In Global Markets And Some Very Strange Happenings In The Precious Metals Markets

Bill Holter is back and he says “Something Just Happened”. In fact, something changed three weeks ago and a series of events began which has led to a cascading collapse in global markets and some very strange happenings in the precious metals markets.

In silver last week there was confirmed volume of 122,482 contracts

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