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Liberals Defeat Terrorism

by tsukeisawa Breaking News- First reported on Tsuke’s Thoughts. Radical Islamic Terrorism is officially over! The west has finally won! The events leading up to this are as stunning as they are historic. Everyone...


This is Chiraq: Four teens shot in four hours

by DCG Year to date: 1,295 people shot in Chiraq. Rahm must be so proud. From Chicago Tribune: Four teenage boys were shot over four hours in Chicago, including a 16-year-old killed in the South...


I just searched for anti-Net Neutrality petitions using some common names. Found over 100 petitions by “John Smith”, each from different States/Addresses and using word by word exact same content

via reddit: Here is a screengrab: Their site is slow, I went through and just put in some common first+last names. Here is one for “Amy Smith” again using the same content...


Why used cars are about to get cheaper

From Stansberry Newswire: ABC News has a report out this morning focusing on used car pricing. The article highlights how all of the “sweetened” leasing deals car companies did in the last few years...


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