Palin On Fox: I Was Forbidden From Telling Truth About Obama In 2008

Sarah Palin On Fox News: I Was Forbidden From Telling The Truth About Obama In 2008 – 7/26/2013 – – – MORE:http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogsp…

–President Obama signs a whistleblower protection bill, but we wonder whether some aspects of the Patriot Act and NDAA nullify the protections.…


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  • hoyeru

    Yeah, SUUUUUUUUUUURE she was. This IS the same person who when asked what newspapers she reads couldnt answer. So why would I even care what a total moron has to say????

  • Carroll Price

    For the ump-tenth time. Obama is not the problem, the Zionist mafia he answers to is the problem.

    • Anti khazar

      Obummer is just a puppet. The puppet master behind him is the khazars. These khazar jews, also known as european jews are not the original jews from biblical times. They are not semites people. So for these khazar jews to label others as anti semite is a really joke of the century!

    • the Dude

      He is definitely part of the problem, if only just for going along.

  • momwhocares

    “Zionist”? Jesus was a Zionist. Moron. you are choosing the dark side …

    • anti khazar

      I tink u got it wrong. Jesus was a jew not zionist. Khazars which is NOT a jew and not even a semite is the creator of zionist. But what an idiot they are. They label others as an anti semite when they themselves are not a semite. And thats what i call a moron. That means u too MORON.

      • Jack McCarthy

        Jesus was not a jew.

        • anti khazar

          Now that’s a surprising revelation! Lol

      • Jack McCarthy

        Its called lying and is what the rich fake jews do over and over again till weak minded people believe the lies.

    • Jack McCarthy

      Zionist today are the NWO run by fake jews. They want to rule the world for satan. Jesus was no friend of this movement and attacked the money changers and cursed these fake jews.

    • Drdetroitdanchap

      JUDAS ISCARIOT was a Zionist.

      The Temple Priests were Zionists.

      Jesus was a “herem”(excommunicate) Jew, because they could not condemn to death a Jew “In Good Standing”.

  • momwhocares

    yes, obviously there is more than just ozero to worry about, but he is definitely a major ‘problem’. and it’s not ‘zionists’.

    • anti kahazar

      Let me get this straight. You zionist put him there and now you think he is the ‘problem’? Lol. Just to show how stupid these khazarian zionist can be. Oh yeah please dont call yourself a jew because you are not. You a low life khazars. Khazars are scum of the earth.

    • ralphie44

      “its the jews, stupid”

  • momwhocares

    it’s not that she ‘couldn’t answer’, btw. another moron. it was a stupid, airheaded question and she was being overbearingly controlled.

  • hp b

    People with something to hide!!!

    When you live under the weight of 40,000 laws,
    who doesn’t have something to hide?

  • Drdetroitdanchap

    “Designer Debbie” —– Sarah Palin is a cheap, trashy, GOLDDIGGER.
    1) She disrespected the Citizens of Alaska by walking out on her OBLIGATIONS and DUTIES.
    2) She shows she is UNFIT for further office, and she is interested in herself, NOT the Public SERVICE she promised to perform.
    3) Is she planning on attempting to SECEDE Alaska from the Union? She and her husband were long members of that “Alaska Independence Party”, and Michigan Militia “leader” Norm Olson went up there and joined Them a couple years ago. FACTS that the MSM conveniently “suppressed” during McCrazy’s campaign.
    4) Would she be resigning from the Vice Presidency if McCain had won? Wouldn’t THAT be lovely!?
    5) Palin is a quitter. She resigned from the Oil and Gas Commission before her term ended and now she’s turning her back on Alaska and quitting once again.
    6) Palin is not even sure what COUNTRY she is loyal to. She BRAGS that the only flag in her office is an ISRAELI flag.
    Where is her AMERICAN flag, and to what country does she PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE?!
    Combined with her Alaskan Independence Party affiliation, she is NOT a loyal AMERICAN

  • Rafael Espericueta

    One never hears truth on faux news.

  • dougdiggler

    Oh really, Simple Sarah knows the truth about Obama? Was she about to start talking about his time doling out bribes at CIA spook bank BIC?