Parents Upset Elementary School Students Forced To Kneel Before Principal ‘Like A King’

YUCAIPA ( — School district officials in San Bernardino County say they will discontinue a policy that required elementary school students to kneel down before being dismissed to class.

Principal Dana Carter at Calimesa Elementary School had reportedly instituted the policy, which called for students at various times of the school day to kneel down on one knee and wait for the principal or another administrator to dismiss them, as a safety measure.

A flyer had been circulated among parents alleging Carter began the policy as “a positive way to enforce safety” among students, usually right before classes begin or immediately after recess.


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  • Gideon

    These liberals have a rude awakening coming – and what kind of person does one have to be to take advantage of their position to make KIDS KNEEL before them? What a joke California is.. first state to drop into the ocean come judgement day

  • Jane

    I am here to defend Dana, the Principal. This story is all wrong. How do I know? Because I know him. He NEVER wanted the kids to bow down to him or anything in that nature. He strictly wanted the kids to take a knee just as they do in sports until the staff felt it was safe for the kids to walk to where they needed to go. It is so sad that one lady has blown this up into such a hate thing. Please know that the man they are trying to tell you about is not the Dana I know.