Parents warned of trendy metal water bottle threat to kids after girl is rushed to emergency surgery after tongue gets STUCK

  • Young girl got her tongue stuck in the top of a metal water bottle after suction made it impossible for her to pull it out
  • Had to have surgery to remove the bottle
  • Faced threat of choking or having her tongue ‘die’
  • One in a number of similar incidents, prompting company to pull the bottles from store’s shelves

Parents were today warned about the dangers of metal water bottles after a number of children were hospitalized after getting their tongues stuck in them.

In the latest alarming case, Mary Kate Person, of Philadelphia, had to have emergency surgery to remove her swollen tongue from the metal water bottle that she was using.

After going for the final drops of water in her bottle, her tongue became stuck and she was rushed to the hospital where doctors feared she could suffocate if her swollen tongue blocked the airway or her tongue would effectively ‘die’ as she would lose use of the organ and  with it, the power of speech.

Stuck: Mary Kate Person got her tongue stuck inside a metal water bottle as she tried to get the last drops of water inside and she had to be rushed to the hospital

‘I immediately thought: “All the other kids on the soccer field that have this exact same bottle,”‘ Mary Kate’s father Andy Person told the Today Show on Wednesday.

Emergency responders first assessed the situation by cutting off the bottom of the bottle, but even then doctors had do solve the root of the problem because the girl’s tongue was still trapped by the metal rim.

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