Paul and Dee Dee Sorvino on Hollywood: Hate Trump or You’re Out of Their Club

Actor Paul Sorvino and his wife Dee Dee have both been vocal supporters of President Trump, but they say if you don’t agree with Hollywood’s political agenda you’re a reject.

“I think the studio people, the business people– I think they are a little cooler about it. But it’s these actors, these crazy actors… they are insane… Unless you say you hate Trump, you are not part of their club,” Dee Dee Sorvino, said in an interview on the FOX Business Network.

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A-list celebs such as Robert De Niro, Madonna, and Meryl Streep have vocally spoken out on President Trump’s policies, but Sorvino, who starred in the 1990 gangster film ‘Goodfellas’ with De Niro, said even though ‘his old friend’ has a right to say what he wants, he should stay out of politics.

“He’s one of the greatest actors in the world but, you know, Bobby, that’s politics, do you really have to get into that? Punch the President in the face? What are you talking about?” Sorvino asked.


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