Pee on the bathroom floor, a gum-chewing stewardess and no leg room: Ex-Wall Street analyst reveals the ‘horrors’ of flying with ‘Cattle Class’

It is not something most travelers need to be told about.

But Business Insider Editor-in-Chief Henry Blodget has taken it upon himself to review the trappings of economy class travel for his readers.

Blodget, a former Wall Street analyst,was somewhat shocked at what he found in the rear section of an American Airlines international flight, and related his findings from the ‘heart of the cattle class.’

Reporting from the unkempt mid-section of a Boeing 747 and armed with little but a lumpy pillow and pre-packaged pasta, Blodget exposes the harsh realities of flying in American Airlines’ ‘economy’ seating section. 

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Although he did his best to find some upsides, he recalls the horrors of a ‘gum-chewing stewardess’ and ‘the pee all over the bathroom floor.’

‘Those things certainly did not enhance the flight,’ he writes.

But the nightmare only gets worse from there. 

Blodget tried to get cozy for a cat nap and found that no matter how he positioned himself, he was unable to find a single comfortable position during the nine-hour flight from Zurich, Switzerland to New York, New York.

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