Pentagon Updates Target List for Syrian Airstrikes. Australian Military Planners In Washington Work On Syrian War Plans

And what comes next is on the front page of the WSJ this morning: “The U.S. began refining its military options for possible strikes in Syria, officials said… Officers at the Pentagon on Thursday were updating target lists for possible airstrikes on a range of Syrian government and military installations.” 

Then again we have seen all this before. Surely, one of these times the administration will actually go ahead and push the button instead of just talking about it.

From the WSJ:

Officers at the Pentagon on Thursday were updating target lists for possible airstrikes on a range of Syrian government and military installations, officials said, as part of contingency planning should President Barack Obama decide to act after what experts said may be the worst chemical-weapons massacre in more than two decades.

As the Pentagon worked on its options, Secretary of State John Kerry talked by telephone with French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and the foreign-policy chiefs of Turkey, Jordan and the European Union, as well as with United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, officials said.
The US’ strawman for an attack is simple: assume a false flag operation was conducted in Syria, then demand full compliance with the West’s demands that it be given full investigation privileges to confirm it wasn’t a false flag operation, and scream bloody murder if those privileges are not granted. A story as old as the last Iraq war in fact. But that doesn’t mean it will stop any time soon.

Obama calls alleged Syria chemical weapons attack “big event of grave concern,” but cautions against haste

Israel conducts airstrike in South Lebanon in response to rocket fire:

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Pro-Iranian Jihad Islami aimed four rockets at Israel from S. Lebanon. Two caused damage

Russia suggests Syria ‘chemical attack’ was ‘planned provocation’ by rebels.

Australian military planners in Washington work on Syrian war plans

NEITHER Kevin Rudd nor Tony Abbott will talk of armed intervention in the Syrian crisis, but Australian officers are already working with US allies on a plan if one is needed.

No such plans are being made in Canberra, but concerns are growing in the wake of chemical weapons claims and strong words from the Prime Minister.

Mr Rudd fears the situation has the potential to turn into a “major international crisis”.

Asked on Channel 10′s The Project whether he supported Australian intervention in the country in the wake of reports up to 1300 were killed in a chemical massacre, the PM would not go that far, but left the door open.

“The challenge now is to establish the absolute fact of whether the regime used those chemical weapons,” he said.

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