Petrodollar OUT, Petrogold IN: Why the US wants war with Iran so bad.

Quick Factoids:

—-> US dollar is based on oil
—-> US must maintain it’s hegemony or the US dollar collapses
—-> US now coming clean on this fact

According to Zerohedge, news now coming out (confirming what I’ve long suspected) that our interests in going to war with Iran are really all about protecting the dying dollar.

BRICS is a real threat and Iran is a huge chink in the armor.

Dollar going down folks… it’s already been decided. Just a matter of time.

The US is moving to broaden its ‘blockade’ efforts of Iran to the movement of pure gold into the Islamic Republic. The US-led embargo of Iranian crude succeeded in slowing the flow of petrodollars into the nation but as Foreign Affairs committee chairman Edward Cohen remarked, there is “no question that there is gold going from Turkey to Iran.”

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I can assure you that we are looking very, very carefully at any evidence that anyone outside Iran is selling gold to Iran,” he said.

The remark came after Rep. Edward R. Royce, California Republican and the Foreign Affairs Committee’s chairman, asked whether the administration was aware of recent reports indicating an uptick in the flow of gold into Iran.


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