Philippines Ready To Fight China Over Fishing Rights. China Preps to Retake Islands – Targets Tokyo with 1,000 Missiles!

The Philippines will defy new Chinese fishing rules in disputed areas of the South China Sea and the navy will escort fishing boats to protect them if necessary, the defense secretary said on Thursday.

“We will not follow their rules,” Philippine Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin told reporters. “Why should we seek permission from another country? They do not own our fishing grounds. That’s ours, okay.”

Gazmin said the navy would escort the boats if needed. “We still have the capability to secure them,” he said. “There is really a need to show force because China has been very aggressive lately. They started with air defense identification zone, then this fishing laws.”


China moving to ‘retake’ island from the Philippines: report

The People’s Liberation Army plans to “retake” the disputed island of Thitu in the South China Sea this year, reports the Manila-based Philstar quoting a report on Chinese business and political website Qianzhan.

Claimed by China and Taiwan but controlled by the Philippines, Thitu is the second-largest island in the hotly disputed Spratly chain. The island was formerly known as Tie Zhi in Chinese, but has more recently been known as Zhongye island after a landing ship from the Republic of China Navy which was responsible for recovering the island from Japanese occupation after World War II. It has been occupied by the Philippines from 1971.

The Philippines made an “arrogant” move after announcing plans to increase its military deployment to the island, according to the report. This new policy is an “intolerable insult” to China, the report continued.

The PLA Navy has reportedly drafted a battle plan to “recover” the island in 2014. China holds that the island was “stolen” by the Philippines in 1971, and the clock is ticking to the 50-year mark that will allow the Philippines to legalize its claim.

Philippine Navy Adds To Regional Arms Build-Up As China Words (And Deeds) Escalate

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Two of China’s major missile producers — China North Industries Corporation and China Precision Machinery Import-Export Corporation — are expected to turn out 50,000 ballistic missiles for the nation, according to a report in the latest issue of the Aviation Week & Space Technology, a magazine with ties to the US military.

To win a potential territorial conflict against Japan over islands in the East China Sea, the Aviation Week & Space Technology stated that China is currently targeting Tokyo with around 1,000 missiles.

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