Pissed over Syria: American senators attack Russian banks

In cold war style, US Senators have urged the Obama administration to freeze assets of three major Russian banks, ban their activities in the US, and deny employees’ entry into the country on the suspicion they are doing business with the Assad regime.

Having failed to galvanize allies for military action, and politically trumped by President Putin’s proposal for peaceful intervention in Syria, American congressmen have now turned to soft power to regain a grip on the Syria conflict. The senators are blaming Russia’s banking giants VTB, Gazprombank, and Vnesheconombank -the state development bank known as VEB– for ‘undermining’ UN sanctions by ‘aiding Assad’.

“The Syrians could not conduct this war without Russian financing,” Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat who represents the state of Connecticut, said at a US policy meeting on Iran and Syria at the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington DC.

“We can freeze their assets. We can stop them from doing business in the United States, prevent their employees from traveling here and, in effect, impose very heavy financial pain on the Russians,”Blumenthal said.

The letter accuses VTB of holding President Assad’s personal account, VEB for facilitating Syrian payments for S-300 missile systems, and Russia’s third largest lender Gazprombank for making payments on crude oil. The senators believe these institutions should be ‘barred from the US financial system’.



BREAKING: McCain attacks Putin in Pravda Op-Ed, pokes the bear!

In an op-ed submitted to the Russian newspaper Pravda, McCain tells the Russian people that Putin “rules for himself, not you.” The piece was posted on the paper’s website, Pravda.ru, shortly before 10 a.m. Thursday, Moscow time.



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  • warisaracketbysmedleybutler

    So Warhawk McCain says that the Russian government controls Russian media yet Pravda was allowed to print his Op-Ed? Lol. Everything McCain said about Russia in that Op-Ed is true for the USA. Fucking globalist piece of shit.

  • Dave Mende

    I honestly can’t wait for this to blow up in the War Mongerer’s faces. ‘Everybody’s gotta learn sometime.’ When you play with fire you get burned. What goes around comes around. These old saws are relevant, and are the law of nature. America has got to learn it fought on the wrong side in WWII. Russia should have been free and democratic in 1945. They would have been had Hitler not been stabbed in the back by UK/US.

  • fuqdisqus

    US regime: hurry up and die.

  • john

    idiot zionist israeli traitor from connecticut, russia does not need your filthy parasite,wall street/london finacial system.