Plans Are Set And The Clock Is Ticking To The Next False Flag

The Government shutdown still persists and the Republicans and Democrats are doing there job putting on a show for the American people. Meanwhile the blame of the collapse can no longer be blamed on the FED because the blame has shifted now to the Government. The central bankers do now want to be blamed for a collapse so they always need to shift the blame, they tried to get the war going with Syria and that did not work so they are now onto their next move. The Government in the meantime is making their move so the collapse is not blamed on them, to do this they will need a major false flag event. Everything is now in motion, plans have already been made and the clock has started to ticking down to the event.


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  • EyesWideOpen

    Keep your eyes on FEMA region 3, they have been stockpiling emergency supplies there (all to arrive by October 1). Not to mention the shipment of nuclear weapons from Texas to SC on September 3rd. Something is coming, as Graham from SC even mentioned something about a nuke in the belly of a ship in Charleston harbor.

  • robertsgt40

    Don’t forget, next week is scheduled a cyber attack “drill” fot the banking sector. NORAD also was having a drill on 911