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Please notice the graphs and yields for 10 year bonds in Italy (currently at 6.04%) and Spain (currently at 6.44%). The bailout rally did not last and bond yields are turning higher.

Italian and Spanish bond yields


Please notice the graphs and yields for 10 year bonds in Italy (currently at 6.04%) and Spain (currently at 6.44%). The bailout  rally did not last and bond yields are turning higher.




  1. Spanish Yields Surge As Bank Bailout Stokes Sovereign Debt Fears
  2. Infosys Skirts Italy, Spain Software Deals on Euro Crisis
  3. ECB Financing to Portuguese Banks Increased to Record in May
  4. Puerto Rico Borrowing Costs Rise on Rating Concern: Muni Credit
  5. Spain told it will be under “troika” supervision
  6. Italy Enters Crisis Crosshairs as Spain Bailout Rally Fizzles
  7. European airlines ‘are facing a record loss’
  8. Ireland Pursues Debt Gain From Spain’s Banking Pain
  9. Cyprus Minister: ‘Urgent’ Bailout Needed
  10. S&P Says India May Be First in BRIC to Lose Investment Grade
  11. Detroit unions concerned as contracts set to expire
  12. Syria risks military strikes, warns Hague
  13. Gold-Investment Demand in China to Advance 10%, ICBC Says
  14. Greek Blackouts Risked as Power Companies’ Cash Runs Out: Energy
  15. Irish Town revives original currency



“European finance officials have discussed as a worst-case scenario limiting the size of withdrawals from ATM machines, imposing border checks and introducing capital controls ”


Italian Bank Holiday (BNI)

Italian Bank Holiday (BNI)

A local article on the closure*

* The preliminary closure duration estimate is one month.  Yikes!


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