Poland’s New PM Wants To “Make Europe Christian Again”… The Surge To The Right In Europe Is Nowhere Near Over. Austria Is Just Its Latest Success

Poland’s New PM Wants To “Make Europe Christian Again”

The newly appointed premier replaced Beata Szydlo and symbolizes that Poland is taking a more combative posture towards the West than in the past. While Prime Ministers undoubtedly have a very important domestic role to play too, it’s important not to overlook the international implications of Morawiecki’s appointment, especially given what he shared in his very first interview after the announcement when he said that

“My dream is to re-Christianize the EU since unfortunately, in many places, people no longer sing Christmas carols, the churches are empty and are turning into museums, and this is very sad.”

In responding to the interviewer’s comment about how the EU might cut off funding for Poland, Morawiecki proudly said that “I do remember one former president telling us earlier this year ‘you have values, we have funds.’ Well, I would love to help the West with proper values.”

The surge to the Right in Europe is nowhere near over. Austria is just its latest success

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Europe’s swing to the Right has taken another big step. In Austria electoral advances have been converted into actual power by the populist-Right Freedom Party, which has joined a new governing coalition with the larger centre-Right Austrian People’s Party..

Only a few months ago, the EU was hailing the victory of Emmanuel Macron as a watershed moment that signalled the return of a liberal Europe and the death of populism.. But this is nonsense. Austria’s sharp rightward turn is merely a symptom of a much broader challenge to the EU that is deep and growing..

The Freedom Party’y success is not unique. It joins a growing list of populist Right parties that are part of, or supporting, governments in Poland, Hungary, Latvia, Slovakia, Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Switzerland..

In Hungary, Viktor Orbán is currently polling almost 60% while in Italy the anti-immigration Northern League, once confined to the north of the country, is now polling strongly elsewhere. Indeed, as in Austria we will likely see further defeats for the Left and so further evidence that social democracy as an ideological project is falling apart..

Denmark to send unwanted migrants to uninhabited islands!

Immigration minister Inger Stojberg is open to proposal from far-right party.

Plan would see failed asylum seekers shipped to uninhabited islands.

There are 300 islands in Denmark territory and 1,000 failed asylum seekers.


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