Police call Indiana home explosion a HOMICIDE as they investigate blaze that killed two

  • Fire started in one house around 11pm on November 10 and caused a roaring explosion and more fires
  • At least 31 homes were severely damaged, three homes were destroyed
  • At least two people are confirmed dead, two wounded, nearly 200 evacuated
  • Estimated damage is said to be about $4.4 million

Authorities launched a homicide investigation Monday into the house explosion that killed a young couple and left numerous homes uninhabitable in an Indianapolis neighborhood.

Indianapolis Homeland Security Director Gary Coons made the announcement after meeting with residents of the subdivision where the November 10 blast occurred and just hours after funerals were held for the two victims, who lived next door to the house where investigators believe the explosion originated.

‘We are turning this into a criminal homicide investigation,’ Coons said, though he didn’t indicate whether police had any suspects.

Search warrants are being executed and official are looking for a white van that was seen in the subdivision on the day of the blast, Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said.

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Authorities are offering at least a $10,000 reward.

Curry said the investigation is aimed at ‘determining if there are individuals who may be responsible for this explosion and fire.’

No arrests have been made.


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