Police forced to break up huge lines after gas station error led to fuel being sold at $0.01 a gallon

  • Glitch at Shell station in Illinois, meant gas was sold for one cent per gallon
  • Police arrived to clear congestion, but didn’t know what had caused it
  • No one knows how many lucky drivers bought very cheap gas
  • Station worker upset that no customers reported the obvious error to staff


Police had to break up motorists massing at Illinois gas station on Sunday night – after a glitch meant the Shell station was charging just one cent for a gallon of fuel.

The national average for a gallon of gas is $3.294 but some lucky drivers in Woodstock, Il, filled up for just $0.011. Word quickly got round and police officers arrived to investigate the congestion.

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Sergeant Dennis Leard told the Northwest Herald they cleared the line of cars but it immediately reformed. Police then noticed the very cheap gas and realized what was happening.

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