Police punch pregnant woman and bodyslam her face down on the sidewalk


ROCHESTER, NY — An officer for the Rochester Police Department was recorded on video getting punching a pregnant woman in the back of the head and a body-slamming her face first into a sidewalk.

The woman was yelling loudly and not complying with the officer. While an officer struggled with her, she screamed, “Get off of me, you’re gonna kill my baby.”

“I’m pregnant, I’m pregnant,” she yelled.

That’s when an unidentified police officer balled his fist and punched the woman in the back of the head.

The officer followed up his punch by holding his weight against the woman and falling with her onto the sidewalk, face first.

The woman screamed and the bystanders cried out in shock.

READ MORE: http://www.policestateusa.com/2013/ro…


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  • mikrat

    You fucking PIGS deserve what you got coming. PIGS are just the largest most violent gang in the country and should be done away with.

  • Jolly Roger

    Another “tough guy” on steroids beating up on girls….. The cops in this country are out of control. If this were an isolated incident it would be easy to ignore, but the fact that stories like this are appearing several times each week indicates they’re acting according to a new policy that’s designed to beat the American people into submission

  • tom brown

    The new world order needs cops who will brutalize innocent citizens & who will kill when required. If a cop is hesitant to use excessive force then he will be cut loose when the takeover happens.

  • htown

    if that’s stupid bitch would have just cooperated and put her hands behind her back none of thatwouldve even happened

  • Anonymous

    I agree that slamming her and hitting her was excessive force, but from reading other sites, she intervened while they were arresting her 16 year old brother, which is obstructing justice.also, if she was so worried about the baby, then don’t resist. It was not just the cop that put the baby at risk, but the lady herself by resisting. This video obviously does not show everything, especially what lead to this incident, therefore, while hard to watch, you can’t really judge the situation, whether he was being a “pig” or her being a “stupid bitch” as others have called them.