POLL: Obama Worst President in History of America?


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  • robertsgt40

    No doubt. Sadly, the same can be said of past presidents until their deeds are eclipsed by his successor. Can’t wait for the next prez.(assuming we have one)

    • Vox

      The fix is already in Hillary Clinton will be the new Commisar of Gulag JewSA.

      • Mr. Jonz

        The “We came, we saw, he died hahahaha” bitch.

  • parrots_abound

    i thought Bush was the worst, then came Obama and my whole idea was trumped.

  • sandollar_man

    George W has hated so universally around the world, that when Obama was elected, the whole world had a party, celebrating the END OF THE EVIL. I don’t recall ever seeing a scene before,of such outrageous worldwide celebration, simply because we had elected a new president. It was unprecedented and actually very very sad for the legacy of George W. The whole world hated George W’s guts so much, that they celebrated like it was Mardi Gras when he was gone. Now that’s a “hideous” legacy that won’t soon be forgotten.

  • Sooriamoorthy

    Obama is a jerk capable of making the impossible become possible: he’s worse than Bush himself, something no one thought would ever be possible.

    • SeVa

      I tell you why I think he’s the worst. Obamacare is the first blow to the average american going down a continual spiral of debt to the point of death. All the bushonian tax cuts and budget allocations that were suppose to be removed were instead renewed by the obama administration and amounted to 24 times the amount spent by the bush administration, and keep in mind he’s ignored the legislative requirements on many signings and sime judicial as well. Also this 17 trillion plus dollar amount is more spent than all us presidents combined including bush’s 700 billion dollar price tag. I personally wear a Buck Ofama shirt with pride as a proud true national soil born citizen expressing my given first amendment right.

  • Darrell Rolstone

    Its truly…EXTREMELY DIFFICULT, to envision ANYONE actually being a
    worse president that the last “village idiot” that was in the WH…..but
    in all honestly, I have to admitt that this Barrack/Barry fellow is
    exponentially much worse…..because he is a far more dynamic individual
    and is therefore dynamically much more devious and cunning. The last
    guy didn’t have the intelligence to be very dynamic, devious or cunning.
    Although I’m sure he would of if he had the where-with-wll to do/be so!
    And this is coming from a 65YO American Ex-Pat who litterally “cried
    like a baby” right along with Jessie Jackson and Magic Johnson when
    Barrac/Barry was elected. B/B’s presidency will surely go down in
    history as one of the “greatest trojen horse”…”bait and switch” magic
    acts ever perpetuated onto the currently dossel sheeple that was once
    “America the Great”! With 30%, as recently reported, of the population
    believing an “armed insurection” is the only option at this
    point……and the other 70%, as also recently reported, on anti-depressant drugs….dealing with the imminent monitary collapse……a very, VERY bleak future is all I can foresee for my beloved country. Blessings Upon You All, D. Ernest “Rollee” Rolstone, Asia (over 20 years)

    • sandollar_man

      Can you be specific? What exactly has he done that is so much more horrible than Bush? Please give us your list of all of these truly horrible things that he has done. The longer the list, the more convincing you will be that you have actually thought this thru – yourself.

      • mtgradwell

        George W’s joking about searching for WMDs under the podium was in poor taste, but it was eclipsed and knocked out of the ball park in the sickness stakes by Barack’s “boys, don’t get any ideas, I have two words for you – predator drones” ‘joke’ to the Jonas brothers. Sick! Sick! Sick! Sick beyond human comprehension, sick beyond the power of human language to describe how sick it is, and only surpassed in sickness by the predator drone program itself.

        Killing by drone began under George W, but it only expanded into an industrial-scale enterprise under Barack. Now thousands of operators work overtime to transform the middle east and parts of Africa into the ultimate violent video game, while untold numbers of technicians strive to keep thousands of drones operational 24/7, so that no bombing opportunity will be missed. They even proposed special medals for these armchair heroes. Presumably there’s an extra special award for best “double tap” – one strike to kill the unidentified (but definitely bad, otherwise why would they be in Iraq/Somalia/wherever) first target, then another to get whatever would-be rescuers might show up. And anyone who tries to stir public awareness by exposing video of such antics can expect to spend the rest of their natural lives in jail, as can anyone who exposes the extent to which we are surveilled, controlled, lied to or otherwise messed about with. A whistle-blower is in Russia? Restart the cold war! He might be in a South American president’s plane? Bring that plane down! Never mind that this might start a war. Gotta get those whistle-blowers, no matter what! This from the president who promised unprecedented openness.

        I’ll let others such as Darrell provide the long list. Just those couple of items should be sufficient to make the point. However, if you can’t wait for the long list, and can’t wait to learn exactly what things Obama has done that are more horrible than Bush, may I suggest following the news? You’ll be amazed. And before you respond about how Fox is distorted and brainwashing people, I’m not talking about Fox. ANY news. This administration is one of the few that actually boasts about some of the atrocities it commits, even if it doesn’t like them to be videoed. Just read some of Obama’s own proclamations, to find the answer to your question.

  • Stop Bushbama

    It’s a close call, but I’d still he’s just a close second to the Bushitler.

    Bush is the one who turned what was a good (though not quite as good as some would have you believe – corruption was rampant even in the times of Clinton, Bush I and Reagan) country into a fascist, genocidal dictatorship by creating the Patriot Act, launching the War of Terror, torturing his enemies, and creating the American version of the Gestapo (known as Department of Homeland Security).
    Total surveillance aka PRISM was started under Bush.

    Obama took over a fascist, genocidal dictatorship that tortures innocent people and made it worse by expanding the drone wars and passing the NDAA (I wonder if that’s really short for Nazi Dictatorship Act of America?)

    Yes, things are the worst now under Obomber, and he shares some of the guilt for Bush’s crimes because he did nothing to undo them or to arrest his predecessor and his cronies.
    But Bush remains the one who (so far) contributed most to the descent into tyranny.

    Of course, Obomber still has some time to go – if he’s after the worst president ever award, he can easily overtake Bush by nuking Iran and Syria and/or torturing anyone protesting against him.

    • JonathanF

      You are right, Obama “shares some of the guilt for Bush’s crimes because he did nothing to undo them or to arrest his predecessor and his cronies.” GUILT! I guess Bush and Obama have no fear of meeting their Maker for the killing of innumerable innocents, just like Hitler and Stalin will have to give account. God will render to every man according to his works.

      And it was God who gave us this country as a refuge from the persecutions that were raging in Europe. This nation became a refuge for the oppressed. These two men who used their influence to pave the way for the America’s descent into tyranny, and to undo the civil and religious liberties Providence so graciously gave us, will one day realize they were fighting against God Himself.

  • Dave Mende

    America began to borrow big time with Reagan. We have been selling our children’s blood ever since. But now the child is dead. So, it is crunch time. It’s not Ob’s fault. It is your fault for borrowing money from the WallStreet banks. You sold your soul to the Devil. I suppose I did too. But at least we can work for the big shots at low wages. And Big Gov will roll happy as a butcher’s dog. Watch out for that immigrant!

  • Amanda

    Here’s the reason’s Obama is a dick:
    * He supports abortions
    * He’s the head of the illuminati
    * He supports gay marriage
    * Even looks like Osama Bin Laden
    * Doesn’t give a flying fuck if someone’s dying
    * He’s a liar
    * Plain idiot
    Reason’s Obama’s not a dick:

  • BipolarBear

    I never thought anyone could top Dubya. I would’ve bet a major organ on that. And if I had, today I’d have only 1 kidney, because here he is! My BIGGEST fear is the next one will be even worse!