Powerful EMP blast in Veliky Novgorod, Russia.

According to this news article from Gismeteo http://www.gismeteo.ru/news/proisshestviya/yarkaya-vspyshka-v-velikom-novgorode/Around 20:15 local time yesterday a bright flash illuminated the whole city. Shortly afterwards most of the city’s power was lost for about two hours. Anything from television sets to street lights. As noticed in the video some car lights and the radio stopped working as well. Some people even reported their room light bulbs changing color through the spectrum and or showing some weird unusual lights.

The power company explained it all as ‘A cat that wandered into a power transformer booth and caused a short circuit.’ Must have been Nyan-Cat or the power company people are lying. What are your thoughts? It’s way too powerful of an EMP blast to be simple lightning.

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