Powerful EMP blast in Veliky Novgorod, Russia.

According to this news article from Gismeteo http://www.gismeteo.ru/news/proisshestviya/yarkaya-vspyshka-v-velikom-novgorode/Around 20:15 local time yesterday a bright flash illuminated the whole city. Shortly afterwards most of the city’s power was lost for about two hours. Anything from television sets to street lights. As noticed in the video some car lights and the radio stopped working as well. Some people even reported their room light bulbs changing color through the spectrum and or showing some weird unusual lights.

The power company explained it all as ‘A cat that wandered into a power transformer booth and caused a short circuit.’ Must have been Nyan-Cat or the power company people are lying. What are your thoughts? It’s way too powerful of an EMP blast to be simple lightning.


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  • Art

    How do you KNOW it’s way too powerful of anything to not be lighting? Besides, I have seen this same thing when squirrels and raccoons cause a short…

  • Scott

    This could be just a power transformer explosion. Causing a blackout/power surge to the local region, including cutting off the radio station broadcast.

    An EMP would also likely disable the auto’s ignition system. It would also likely fry the video camera circuitry, no noticeable disruption to the video being shot is seen. Also in the video there are lights in the distance, and what appears to be on coming traffic, seemingly not effected by the EMP.

  • JC

    If the power came back on later AND THINGS WORKED, like TVs, radios, cars, VIDEO CAMERAS WHICH TOOK THE SHOWN VIDEO, then it was probably a squirrel or something blew up a transformer. I’ve seen large transformers blow at night while stationed at Kesler AFB during hurricane Camiel and they make a spectacular light show. An EMP would have killed any electronics within the affected area and it would not work afterwards. It burns up the IC chips and transistors by inducing an over voltage..

  • Pup

    What evidence is there that this is anything other than a power outage caused by a transformer explosion? The radio station probably lost power which is why the music went off.

  • StUdio

    the cloud lighting up looked like lightning or a ground explosion to me…. if it were an EMP all electronic chips & delicate circuits would have had to have been replaced—and there’s no report of any permanent damages to electronics… just a temporary electrical grid shutdown ir low power symptoms in the dim light phenomena

  • andrew

    likely brownout/ transformer power surge/foreign body etc…