PowerPot Thermoelectric Generator

Great for preppers, was browsing around and found these.

“Power Practical, a student startup that sprang from research at the University of Utah, is selling a portable cook pot that transforms heat and water into a power source. Imagine charging your cellphone or using speakers in the mountains at night far from civilization. That’s what the device, called the PowerPot, can do with just a campfire and a little water. Using thermoelectricity, the PowerPot generates power by capturing the electrons moving from the heated pot to the cooler water inside. The greater the temperature difference, the more electricity is generated.”



There’s also Biolite. Just need a handful of kindling for this. Both PowerPot and Biolite are pretty cool.

“BioLite Stoves make cooking on wood as clean, safe & easy as modern fuels while generating electricity to charge phones, lights and other electronics off-grid”


Also works on any heat gradient, has to have different boundary charges I think they call it… looking to make a diy Peltier to give me free air con!

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Fig.1 Partisan’s Canteen: thermoelectric generation by campfire(ZnSb/constantan thermo-elements)


The equipment beside a fire cooking something with an odd-shaped pot is a wireless communication gear. At the bottom of the pot, thermoelectric element couples made of zinc antimony(ZnSb composite semiconductor) and constantan(CuNi alloy) are installed. The pot was called “Partisan’s canteen” that were used at the World War II(Russo-German War) in Soviet Union at around 1940.


If the shit hits the fan… this is the easiest (or similar mud batteries)


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