Pre-Crime departments have arrived! Stopping crime before it happens – Police departments around the world claim a computer system can tell officers where a crime will occur

Imagine a world where police can predict crime before it happens. While it may seem like science fiction, police departments around the world claim a computer system can tell officers where a crime will occur.


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  • epiphanyswr

    The FBI does this all the time. First they find some gullible patsies, then they frame them, then they arrest them in front of the cameras and claim they have foiled yet another crime.

  • Marschall Clark

    Will it detect the crimes of the american government against the people of the united states?

  • tom brown

    It can predict when obama will lie…100% of the time

  • Mr. Jonz

    Pretty much anywhere cops go there will be crime since they’re criminals themselves.

    • Discordian

      Ditto for politicians and bankers.

  • hvaiallverden

    Jesus christ.

    People are lowering them selfs to the realms of drulin idiot if they belive that a Computer is Intellegent, they are not and will never be.
    Its operation system is a fallacy, thats a fact, the other fact is that the people in this goverment is either compleltely bonkers, or, without even basic knowledge, regading the use of this Data.
    Remeber, shitt in, shitt out.
    And nothing have changed since the 60 regading operation programs, so this is stupidity in real time.

    I faind this hilarious is that many people actually belive this, also to the Police, is mindboggeling, and tells me, that knowledge and wisdom is gone a long time ago. And morons rule the world.


    • Mr. Jonz

      If you believe that database systems and data mining software have not changed in the last 50 years you are truly out of touch.

  • George G Collins Jr.

    Imagine a world where government employees actually worked. That’s the part I have a hard time imagining.

  • ralphie44

    This is news?
    I can tell you where crime will occur with a demographics program like RightSite or similar.
    I wonder how many millions they paid for this thing.

  • Chesyre

    If you are on martin luther king boulevard in any city USA , you are in the wrong part of town.
    So when da police catch those estimated 7 out of ten criminals that get away. Where are they going too put 14 million more criminals ? Numbering out to absurdity this would mean 14 million odd people in the judicial enforcement complex and 64 odd million people in jail or under supervision all the time. I know the fiat fairy is going too hand out blank checks for this enterprise , right ?

  • Dave_Mowers

    Being a cop sounds so easy with modern technology! Who hasn’t said something stupid when drunk online? Everyone is automatically a suspect or in the event they have not said something we suspect is criminal then we must suspect they are hiding their criminality by intentionally not posting suspect comments. Hitler would be so proud.