Preparation For Disaster? Companies Arming Themselves In A Way You Never Imagined!


That’s The Game Of The Illuminati!!!!!!!

But before they can collapse the system altogether, they must first Test and Prepare everything AHEAD of Time…

That’s why you’re seeing so many “technical glitches,” all of which seem to be occurring simultaneously.

Is it a surprise that in just this week alone, we’ve seen Big Banks such as Deutsche Bank, and even conglomerate companies such as Starbucks, Apple, and Cricket ALL experiencing some type of glitch, technical glitch, and/or outage?

Couple all of this with the ongoing collapse we’re seeing in Venezuela, food shortages worldwide, the economic instability in nations such as Greece, Italy, China, and Japan, nationwide power outages in regions such as Jamaica, Nigeria, Syria, and Crimea, and not to mention apocalyptic-like weather phenomena worldwide — one has to wonder…

What could they REALLY be getting ready for?!

And could all of these “glitches” relate to the plan for Martial Law and a New World Order?!?!

Daily Mail:…


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