‘Prepare for all-out war’: Kim Jong Un vows to attack South Korea as he cancels peace pact in revenge for tough UN sanctions

  • North Korea cancelled non-aggression pact in anger over sanctions
  • Comes after North Korea threatened a nuclear strike against U.S.
  • White House dismisses communist regime’s ‘ballistic missile’ threats
  • New UN-approved sanctions target North Korea’s economy and leadership
  • Nation is expanding secretive network of brutal prison camps


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un today told his troops to be ready for ‘all-out war’ and instructed them to ‘make the first gunfire’ if tensions with South Korea boil over.

He also promised a ‘great advance’ over the border between the two nations, shortly after the North announced that it had abandoned its peace treaty with the South.

The pariah state has launched a new round of warlike rhetoric in anger over tough new sanctions imposed on it.

The UN Security council voted to impose the fresh round of sanctions targeting North Korea’s economy and leadership in the wake of the country’s third nuclear test.

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