President Trump Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

by Baxter Dmitry

President Trump has been nominated for the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize, after being recognized for his

President Donald Trump has been nominated for the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize, according to the Nobel Institute, after being recognized for his “peace through strength ideology.”

The Nobel Committee, which does not reveal the details of its decision-making process, offers thousands of prominent lawmakers, former laureates and academics the opportunity to vote and nominate candidates for the prestigious prize.

President Trump, who campaigned on a platform of peace and prosperity, has been nominated for his “vigorous peace through strength ideology, used as a threat weapon of deterrence against radical Islam, ISIS, nuclear Iran and Communist China.

It is understood that a strong America will deter rivals and terror organizations from launching destabilizing challenges to the predominant order.

Besides President Trump, other notable figures nominated for the 2017 prize include Pope Francis, Edward Snowden, and Syria’s White Helmets.


Although the names are usually kept secret for 50 years, lawmakers, former laureates and some university professors who are entitled to nominate, are free to reveal the name of the person or group they have nominated.

Previous winners include Henry Kissinger, Martin Luther King Jr., the Red Cross and, in 2009, Barack Obama – who famously went on to become the first Nobel Peace Prize winner to bomb seven countries.

Last year the prize went to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos for his efforts to bring peace to his country ravaged by a half-century of conflict.

The Nobel committee, whose chairwoman Kaci Kullmann Five died of breast cancer in February, is expected to announce the 2017 laureate on October 6, though that date has yet to be confirmed.


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  • Rick Costello

    Are those nitwits going to do that ‘again’? Wasn’t Obama embarrassing enough? Not for nothing but what has The Donald done to warrant a ‘Peace Prize’? All I’ve seen (and I’m a fan) is him appoint people who’ve spent the last month rattling sabers with the Russians, Iranians, Chinese and Syria. Are people just freaking STUPID now days?

    • ScroodeMcDuck

      Didn’t he order an airstrike in Yemen, in his first week in office, that led to his first American casualty as President ? Why don’t they wait for someone to actually qualify as “peaceful” before throwing a “title of nobility” on anyone ?

      • Rick Costello

        One little airstrike gets a Peace Prize? Imagine what form of accolades would be forthcoming if he launched a thermonuclear strike against, say, Luxembourg? Christ, they would hail him as the Prince of Peace!

        • scum

          was already planned by O

  • red letter

    The Nobel lost it’s luster years ago. And finally became a running joke after they gave it to I’llbombya. They should stop giving it out and just give the money to charity.

  • Joe Blow

    Crap, more manipulation. In the future the prize will be given as part of the inauguration.

  • John Hankinson

    Somebody from The Onion has infiltrated the IWB!

  • disqus_q0fJBDaGHm

    Nobel Prize is freaking toilet paper.
    I was hoping trump would reduce spending on our illegal wars (not that any Democrat ever gave a shit about those wars!)

  • disqus_q0fJBDaGHm

    Start WWIII and they’ll rename the freaking prize after you……….!


    I’m sorry, but this is a ridiculous nomination.

    He’s done close to nothing so far, and absolutely nothing for peace.

    If announcing big new bucks for the military qualifies someone, the prize is even more devoid of meaning than I thought.

    By this standard, Hillary should certainly be nominated, and murderous Obama should get a nomination for a second.

    Oh,George Bush and Tony Blair should be nominated for their mass murders. After all, a million corpses are peaceful, aren’t they?

    • scum

      no…peace through strength, hasn’t killed anyone yet…not like drone zoner….bombs away!

  • SilverDragons

    Now if this isn’t another political act. What I found most disgusting of the nominees was Pope Francis. The very guy who is doing his best to promote Muslim raping and murder of European citizens. This guy is not promoting peace he appears to be destroying his own religion in favor of muslims. If they give it to the Pope, they will have to rename it as the “submission prize.” Although a Trump supporter and agree that he campaigned for “peace through strength”, Trump hasn’t had much chance to do anything yet. Sounds to me like this is the same reasoning as Obama’s “change.”

  • BeverageBob

    No, it’s OK…they determined that he should get it after one of the panel members finished a box of Cracker Jacks and didn’t want to just “throw it out” Also, now that we are in the real life “1984” War is Peace!

  • dave roy

    LMAO…nothing against Trump but….these clowns gave it to Obama they may as well gave one to bush. If they had a war monger prize they would have gave it to Mother Teresa. A jar of sand has more meaning. Stop embarrassing your selves please…it makes me feel bad for you.

  • chris

    OMG! ‘peace thru strength ideology”? well gosh! they need to send that prize out to anti war activists then. but who do they choose? someone who is starting war in yemen and threatening iran. WTF?

  • aliasooze

    Did I miss something? Have we withdrawn from any of the 130 nations we currently have military bases in? The only thing I’ve heard is Trump has a hard on for Iran. FFS! Nobel Peace Prizes are right up there with the Grammys Emmys Oscars and all the other assorted meaningless trash prizes that the elite pass back and forth.

  • amoo di

    the first week in office trump’s mini me Gen. flynn started rubbish lie to initiate a war with Iran and second week trump started to bomb the poorest arab country yemen under guise of fighting alqhada on behest of saudi terrorists because of trump s private business interest with despot tin kings and emirs of persian gulf

  • Sparkplugfuse

    Time to change the name for war mongers only. Nothing peacefully about what he is proposing to do, which is different than what he campaigned upon. No different than the Nimrod Obama did when he first got into office.What do they all do when taking office, take a war mongering shot?

  • Boink389

    If President Trump declines a formal nomination with something to the effect that he has yet to do something any where near worthy of such a nomination, mention a few people who have, then he would have restored some honor to the ideals it once had.