Presidential Debate moderators: a total setup.

Not one straight Christian white male will be a moderator. Protestants? LOL are you kidding me?

Check this out

First presidential debate:
Lester Holt, blackish communist raised in Marin County. Hippie Commie, druggie dumb fuck America hater central. I’m expecting some knock out game type sucker punch questions.

Donald better be ready for some hard punches after a few soft balls.

Vice presidential debate:
Elaine Quijano, Flip, usually they like America but this one looks bad. Boy does she have some scowl. I’m sure she will be hissing Tromp hate like an angry alley cat all night, Especially when it comes to immigration.

Pence is a smooth nice guy that will not get flustered by this bitch that in another life would be burning the fur off of a monkey to make dinner. I think Tim Kaine will come across as an asshole only because he is an asshole.

Second presidential debate (town meeting):
Martha Raddatz, converted to Jew. Married Con Artist Naval Intelligence Ben Bradlee Jew. One of the prime architects that torpedoed Nixon with Watergate when Nixon refused to ship American manufacturing overseas to China.

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Anderson Cooper, Manhattan raised limousine liberal silver spoon fag. His drugged up social bar fly mother took him to studio 51 when he was just old enough to get ass banged by coke head Greenwich Village homos.

This should be some tag team of Trump hate

Third presidential debate:
Chris Wallace, Rat faced Jew that enjoys selling out America for Greater IsraHell

This smarmy fucker will no doubt shove a dagger in Trump’s back with a smile on his face. I think Donald is more than up to the challenge of this Khazar.

All in all: Jews, fags, anti “bitter clinger” white and anti Christ.

Looks like they made sure that they hand picked a group that has no interest in being in a Trump admin. Per usual these news readers will be exposed as a group of nasty Wile E Coyote-like losers.

Should be nothing but a full time attack on Trump, but we already knew that would happen. Nobody said this would be either fair or easy.

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