Pressure Cooker: “This Place is On the Edge of Chaos”

Mac Slavo
July 13th, 2013



Since his seminal publication of The International Man in the 1970’s Doug Casey has been an advocate for liberty, personal responsibility and disconnecting oneself from the system at large. He has traveled the world and visited over 150 countries. He’s successfully navigated economic and financial cycles for four decades. And he knows a thing or two about what it looks like when there’s “blood in the streets.”

With governments all over the globe taking unprecedented measures to centralize economies and militarize control, there will soon come a time when the streets of the world’s most developed nations will plunge into complete disarray and social disorder. Once it happens, it’ll be too late for those who failed to see it coming.

Now is the time to prepare yourself, position your assets, and diversify your interests if you have the means to do so.



If you’re in a financial position you must, I emphasize must, get assets outside the U.S., and ideally have a crib outside the U.S., because this place is on the edge of chaos.

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It seems like a perfect storm.

Financially speaking it’s a disaster. Economically speaking we’re on the edge of disaster. Socially speaking it’s a pressure cooker. Militarily speaking they’re fomenting wars all over looking for a disaster.

You’ve got to look elsewhere, where you’re not considered the property of some government.

If you’re a U.S. citizen you’re considered property. You’re a milk cow. And if they need a beef cow, you’ll become a beef cow.

Doug Casey with Future Money Trends



Watch Doug Casey as he candidly discusses the dangers we face in America, safe havens around the world, what he expects from financial markets, where gold is headed next, and his thoughts on how to protect yourself from the coming chaos.


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