Price Gouging Ahead of Hurricane Irma – Thank You AG Pam Bondi: Tear ’em up…

For those who might not be familiar there’s massive and widespread price gouging taking place right now in “South Florida”.   The predators know how to maneuver around the areas distant from govt offices and checks.  Florida AG Pam Bondi is calling out the individual companies and their franchise holders. THANK YOU.

CTH has had our differences with AG Bondi in the past, but she’s a wolverine on a righteous mission right now – Directly calling out 7-11 stores and Chevron.

Florida is a massive state.  Most of what we are seeing on the news is completely incorrect about “South Florida”.  There’s “south florida” (as defined by South of I-4), and then there’s “south florida” (as defined by Lake O).  There’s a considerable amount of simmering chaos in South Florida south of Lake O.