Professor Antal Fekete And Karen Hudes Discuss Gold And The “Red Alert” For Collapse Of Fiat Currency

Webcam video from February 2, 2014 5:17 PM (note: some sound issues)

Published on Feb 3, 2014

Professor Antal Fekete discusses the “red alert” for collapse of fiat currency – gold backwardation as measured on spot and futures markets, an end of bullion leasing in July 2013, disappearing gold from the Comex market. A power transition model, with 95% accuracy, predicts that gold in the global collateral account, “cloaked in secrecy” is coming out of hiding for its legal beneficiaries–humanity.
See footnotes 7,8 and 10 in……………


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  • knifemare69

    Ms. Hudes needs to let Mr. Fekete finish his sentences; she also needs to stop peddling this retread of NESARA where this ‘ancient gold in trust’ is supposed to bail out the world. NESARA pimpers used to peddle the same false hope about how a ‘secret court ruling’ would restore the US Constitution as the law of the land and save the American people. It’s a nice story, but it’s not nice to lie to people just to get their hopes up instead of motivating them to take action for themselves…

    • CO2ChemicalImbalance

      knifemare69: This secret gold is similar to the houses that are kept off the market when banks have too many defaulted loans. By maintaining scarcity, the gold that has not been taken out of circulation by the banks is still worth something. If the banks stop buying, then the price of gold goes to zero after the cumulative effect of banking gold/houses confiscation practices.
      Without this illusion of scarcity, the s&*t loads of gold that the central banks have acquired would be worth not much more than a table spoon of salt.

      • ALski

        Money did not begin with gold coins and evolve into a sophisticated
        accounting system. It began as an accounting system and evolved into the
        use of precious metal coins – this is typical accountant/banker mantra. Money DID appear as something tangible like gold and silver, or commodities, and not as an accounting system.