Professor Exposes Obama’s Communist Roots And Mentor

Here is a fascinating, extended interview Mark Levin did the other night with Dr. Paul Kengor, Professor of Political Science at Grove City College, on “Who exactly is Barack Obama?” Kengor discusses Barack Obama’s mentor — Frank Marshall Davis — a Communist. Kengor has actually written an entire book about this mentor of Obama’s, whom Obama mentions in his own book, but never uses his full name, only calling him “Frank.” But Kengor points out that in the audio version of “Dreams for My Father” in 2005, all references to “Frank” were purged.
Barack Obama is a radical. His Presidency shows it, and his background predicted it for anyone willing to see the truth. It is astounding that no prominent national journalist has ever asked Obama about his mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, as well as most of his other radical associates.


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  • Norma

    Hehehheh! ROTFL & clutching my stomach!
    Communist, eh?
    What’s in a name!
    Communism is NOTHING new!
    The roman catholic church, the jesuits had gulags all over the Americas, from California to Uruguay.
    At the time, they were called “Encomiendas” – not to mention how far back, the Christians had this slavery – at least from the 2nd c. A.D.
    The monks used to send out the soldiers to search for Indios and bring them back forceably, to the land owned by the particular branch of monks. ABSOLUTE overseeing of the lives of the Indians, rigorous work and religious indoctrination ( like the Communist Manifesto later). If any Indian dared to run, the monks would send the soldiers after them, with special dogs of war, Black mastiffs, then, put them up on the public square, and whip them, as an example to the rest of the Indians.
    Those were the lovely, Misiones of Old California, you know, the ones, the tourists go to, and some converted to wine production.
    So, romantic!
    The roman catholic Missions, aka “Encomiendas,” the original Communist gulags.

  • dougdiggler

    Mark Levin: Chicken Hawk PoS. Obama is rotten in a lot of ways, but Obama’s mama did a lot to help overthrow the Indonesian government of Sukarno, who wasn’t a communist, but didn’t hate communists enough for the likes of the Dulles Brothers, Wall St. and LBJ. Obama’s a communist like Ronald Reagan was a gay rights activist.

  • Frankly Speaking

    The bigger issue is that Obama’s family is CIA !
    Please see “The Manufacturing of a President”, by Wayne Madsen.